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9 & 10 NOV 2021


How it all Started: Upper Coffees

Upper Coffees was born from people who, in addition to loving the coffees produced in the mountains of Caparao and Matas de Minas, respect coffee and all its trajectory: from planting to the cup. We want to spread not only knowledge and our grain, but people's lives and their dreams through this product. Show and value coffee producers, farms and people who love coffee. People who share moments, dreams, purposes, truths and love to live intensely!

We are passionate about our coffees from Caparao and Matas de Minas mountains and we want to share with you the history of Caparao and Matas de Minas coffees and mountains, be it the grain, its cultivation, its origins, its preparation and curiosities. In addition, of course, the beauties of the mountains of Caparao and Matas de Minas.

Each person is unique and special, as is each friendship, each dream, each moment. We want each one to share a little of their life and dreams. We know that life goes beyond our senses and we want to provide opportunities for growth as a means, an experience and a place to share truths and life. This is what motivates us and inspires us.

Our mission is to provide the best service, the best quality, and unique moments in your life through our specialty coffees and our coffee tourismo, which is a place where you can feel good!

The Importance of Coffee and its Relationship with Tourism:

With each passing day, the concept of sustainability strengthens, not only in Brazil but in much of the world, increasingly concerned with creating and promoting sustainable practices and conscious consumption. There are several definitions, indeed sustainability, but the simplest and most straightforward one is:

“Meet current needs without compromising future generations!”
Thus, the coffee of the mountains of Caparao and Matas de Minas with regard to coffee and its production, there are social, environmental and economic aspects that must be taken into account. And above all, the charm and natural beauty of this magical place and holder of the best special cafe in the world.

For this reason alone, it must be known and visited. A must for coffeelovers and anyone who loves a differentiated tourism!

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