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9 & 10 NOV 2021


The Blend Master

Australian based entrepreneur, Michael Allegretta founded Simara Blends in 2015, crafting his own products to reinvent the coffee alternatives he was distributing, with a focus on clean ingredients and flavour in powder form.

Michael Allegretta wouldn’t be where he is today without being grateful for his humble beginning. Starting out as a dishwasher 20 years ago, he was given the opportunity to learn the art of making that perfect Italian espresso. Soon people were travelling out of their way to experience it first hand. Fast forward almost ten years and Michael built his very own coffee shop and in time this would become three businesses.

Apart from his coffee making skills, running three successful businesses, and the warm and effervescent personality he is known for, Michael also has a skill for noticing trends, listening to his customers’ needs, and delivering on their requests. 

"In most people’s minds coffee will always come first, but what about those who prefer the taste of tea? Or those who may not tolerate caffeine or simply can only handle one coffee per day?"

After years of hearing people complain about their coffee consumption, and dedicated to customer service, Michael first came across a world first tea espresso, Rooibos brewed and enjoyed like coffee though Rooibos is naturally caffeine free. Michael began partnering with his South African contacts and wholesaling across Australia.

"I wanted the best of the best or what nobody else had." says Michael.

Bringing his importing venture to life, he used his established name in the industry to offer coffee shops with high end specialty coffee alternatives including rooibos, chai, and chocolate before setting up his own concept shop to show case these products. 

The hospitality industry has evolved since Michael started. "There has definitely been a change in the way consumers eat; clean ingredients, gluten free, dairy free and so on. Many people are just following a fad diet but some are real cases. Today people are more aware of what they are putting in their bodies."

In 2015, Michael looked at ways to reinvent the coffee alternative brands he was distributing, to craft his own range of products that would be just as good or better, with a strong focus on clean ingredients, flavour and in powder form. These blends became what is known today as Simara Blends.

With an established network of coffee shops, Michael was able to penetrate the market faster.  He first crafted each blend at his concept coffee shop, beginning with Matcha (before the trend started) then chocolate. At around the same time, he started to see an industry trend emerge: coloured lattes - turmeric, beetroot so investigated and developed a turmeric latte, which became Simara’s first ever branded blend. The rest is history!

To say that Michael pours his heart and soul into his work is an understatement. Whether it’s turmeric or Matcha, to this day each Simara blend is crafted, and packaged by Michael and his team.

“Simara is about giving consumers a choice, giving coffee shops an option for their customers while adding value to their business. It's all about the customer experience”.

Not only has the way we eat changed. Business too, has evolved.  Michael reminds us that word of mouth advertising is still essential for all coffee shops.While social media has helped to build Simara Blends in Australia and internationally, word of mouth was still very important to begin with says Michael.

“Customers in the local area will be loyal and tell a friend."  It’s Michael's passion, dedication, and his expertise that has allowed him to create a global brand from scratch and earned him his respected name.

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