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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Kemonia: Zerica’s IoT-enabled HORECA Innovation …

The Kemonia is a free-standing water dispenser for ambient, chilled, & sparkling water operated via an interactive 5” touchscreen. Thoughtfully designed to be ergonomic, compact (34W x 56D x 131H in cm) and fast dispensing, it is ideal for the HORECA market. Original, practical AND sustainable!

The Kemonia uses AUXILIA®, Zerica’s exclusive IoT-enabled remote monitoring and management software. View a wide range of data from technical metrics such as voltage, pressure and temperature to usage volumes via the internet portal which is accessed from any PC or smartphone. The dashboard overview is designed for portfolio management at a glance and displays graphs & key data. There are alerts for regular maintenance (e.g. filter or CO2 canister substitution) plus warnings for technical issues (e.g. fan malfunctioning).

Unique to this market, and something most IoT solutions cannot provide, machine operating parameters can be modified REMOTELY enabling technical support without a visit. Not only the machine can be switched on and off remotely but, remarkably, target temperature, energy saving periods, and various other parameters can be modified online including free-flow/portion control options which can be managed.

All this real-time data makes route planning for routine interventions straightforward to optimize. Apart from routine maintenance engineers only visit site when they can’t resolve the problem remotely. They arrive already aware of the problem in detail and with the right tools for a first-time-fix with no wasted visits due to not having the correct replacement parts.

Overall, this remote problem resolution capability leads to reduced interventions & support costs plus increased customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Additional unique functionality includes personalised video uploads, and mobile app & NFC enabled payments.
The Kolumna is another brand new model in this range; a super-compact unit which works with an undersink chiller and occupies minimal countertop space at just 25W* 26D* 49.5H cm.

Due to be launched at HOST Milan in October where a sister product with the same ‘brains’ inside has just won a coveted Host SMART Label 2019 Award for ‘significant contribution to developments in the sector’. Other recent accolades for this technology include: Foodservice Equipment of the Year 2018 - Energy Efficiency; Catering Insight Awards 2018 – Sustainability; and Food & Hotel Asia 2018 - Cost Savings & Innovation.

The Kemonia will also be taking pride of place at Aquatech Amsterdam in November, and Coffee Shop Innovation, also in November. 
More information and products available at:
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