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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Get Your Coffee-Shop Halloween Ready!

Halloween is just around the corner, bringing with it it’s veritable selection of ghouls, goblins and cheap superhero costumes flooding the streets with merriment and laughter. While Halloween is often thought of as more of a nighttime event, we don’t see why it shouldn’t make its way into the sunlight (with maybe only a couple less vampires to fly off into the sky)! Often, the only words people would associate with coffee shops and Halloween would be ‘Pumpkin Spice’. But this shouldn’t be the case; coffee shops can have some Halloween themed fun as well! Maybe it’s time to embrace the spooky, and get a new look this Halloween! We at the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo adore Halloween, so we’ve picked our brains for ideas for you to get into the Halloween spirit, and see new custom: Here’s a few!

Get some Halloween themed snacks!

Kids love Halloween the most, so make sure your offering of snacks is sufficiently stocked, so little monsters can get their share of pumpkin-themed gingerbread and skeleton cupcakes! Pumpkin theme your menu, with pumpkin spice coffees, or orange beverages! Add to your menu and give customers something a little different to remember, and target those families looking for a fun, spooky treat!

Get decorated!

Look the part this Halloween, and get spooky! Invest in some classics; cobwebs, spiders, all things spooky and scary. Maybe even get a little more involved, and go with a whole theme; you could be a graveyard coffee shop or a futuristic spaceship! Dress the coffee shop up in its own fancy dress, and give it some eerie character - give your customers something to remember, not just a cup of coffee!

Hold a costume competition!

Everyone loves to dress up for Halloween, And who more than children? Hold a competition for young witches and ghosts, and see who’s costume is the best! Make some spooky snacks to win, and get the whole family involved! If you are looking to make your coffee shop the centre of your community this is the perfect way to connect with the locals.

Host an event!

Halloween is a great time to celebrate history - why not reach out to a local historian and organise a walk through your town, pointing out the spookiest bits of history? Ending up, of course, back at the local haunt (your coffee shop!) and serve up treats and snacks based on what they just saw. Charge for tickets, and get further involved with your community! Or why not stay open a little later? Be the last stop for all those exhausted parents who had to look after a small horde of little ghosts! Make sure that you’re a safe place in the evening for families that don’t want to be too intimidated by bars and restaurants, and watch the new customers roll in!

Play some games!

Get your denizens of the early evening involved in some fun, safe, Halloween games! Name the Ghost, Pin the wings on the bat, or even a simple guess the monster could really well, being simple to set up, fun to play, and easy to pack away! Have simple games set up on your counter or behind the till, so that people can see what’s going on, and can get involved! Show your customers that you are fun for the whole family, from Gomez Addams to Cousin It, and reach a new audience of seasonal visitors that are looking for some safe Halloween fun!

Halloween is potentially one of the most lucrative holidays of the year for small businesses that are willing to get dressed up, and have a bit of fun! Get all the ghouls and ghosts involved, and have the best all hallows eve you possibly can!
Remember, the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo is the best place to go all year if you’re looking to grow and expand your coffee business (not just for Halloween!) so make sure you’ve got your tickets ready, and get your travel plans to London’s ExCeL sorted for the 19th and the 20th November!