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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Health & Wellness - Taking Over Our Coffee Shops

Only recently are we coming to understand just how incredibly important it is to be not only healthy, but well. Looking not just at the physical aspects of our health, but our mental well being as well, and how what we consume and the activities we engage can affect both. Thankfully, there are a great number of producers and researchers who are putting everything they’ve got into unlocking the secrets to health and wellbeing.

All in, the health and wellbeing industry is worth over £3.5 trillion globally - an incredible 5.3% of all global economic output. To say that it’s important would be an understatement, and underestimating it’s powerful growth would be a costly mistake. The National Wellness Institute describes the notion of wellness as “A conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving your full potential ”, an idea that is being adopted by millennials and Generation Z, who love to take pictures of their super fruit smoothies and pilates sessions.

For coffee shops it provides a unique opportunity to increase transaction value, with extras that customers can add to their order. But what are some of the key areas that coffee shops can focus on?

Superfood Shots

Superfood shots are known for a number of different health benefits,helping with everything from helping your immune system and making your skin smoother to healthy energy enhancers. These are a perfect extra to add to a coffee order in the morning, allowing clients to get ready for their day with a healthier alternative to traditional options.

Meal Replacement Bars and Smoothies

Meal replacement bars and smoothies are well known for helping rapid weight loss, through calorie deficits. Designed to (obviously) replace meals, they allow for rapid weight loss, and are often also prescribed by doctors. While not long term solutions, they are fantastic for people starting their weightloss journey. Offering these in a coffee shop will not only draw in your local gym goers, but also dieters and healthy eaters.

Healthy Snacks For Kids

It doesn't matter where you are, kids love to snack. The tricky part is encouraging them to stay away from bags of salty crisps, chocolate bars and sugary sweets. Thankfully, there is a bounty of healthy snacks aimed at kids - perfect for a parent to give to their kids while they spend some time unwinding in a coffee shop.

Green Tea

Green tea has been around in the UK for a while, but it’s popularity in recent years has boomed. Originating from the far east, green tea is well known for helping with digestion and increasing metabolism. Perfect for the tea drinker who wants to be a bit more healthy, it’s light flavour will make it popular with the more diet conscious customer.

Lighter options

Customers love it when they’re told that their order is healthier than the alternatives, and with over 77% saying we want to eat more healthily, it’s little wonder. Offer your classic dishes as lighter options, with less fat and carbohydrates, and watch your customers snap them up.

Dairy Alternatives

Alternatives to traditional milk are climbing in popularity, even amongst those that can drink milk. People like the lower fat levels of oat milks and almond milks, and some even prefer the taste of the sweeter options. These are excellent ways of increasing transaction value - these milks can generally be sold in coffee at a premium, often between 50p and £1. Customers are willing to pay this premium as well, with 25% of Britons choosing plant over dairy.

There is far more to Health & Wellness than gluten free and sugar free alternatives. With an incredible range of products that have swept the market, and the growing popularity of healthier options, Health and Wellness looks to take coffee shops by storm.

The Coffee Shop Innovation Expo has now introduced the Health & Wellness Zone: The UK’s hub for Health & Wellness in the Coffee Industry, diversifying coffee shop offerings all over the world. Interested in exhibiting? Get in touch!