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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Graphic Kitchen is a creative agency, we will go through a series of ways to help your business succeed.

The World is experiencing unprecedented times, which most have never endured before. COVID-19 has impacted us in many ways and has made us adapt to how we work and live. This impact has hit the hospitality industry very hard and like other industries, we need to collectively adapt and help businesses survive this time of uncertainty.

People are starting to miss dining out and crave their favourite dishes from their local restaurants. For this reason, restaurants need to offer a takeaway and delivery service if they don't already to meet the increasing demand and also to keep their business afloat. Although it may not be the usual amount of business, it could potentially be enough to see your business ticking over whilst under lockdown. There are numerous ways to do this but as Graphic Kitchen is a creative agency, we will go through a series of ways to help your business succeed.

1. Get online, if you aren't already. There are many factors to consider when offering a takeaway service especially when people are unable to stroll into your restaurant and get a real feeling for what the food smells and looks like.

2. Have a COVID-19 message on your website and tell your customers how you have taken measures to stay safe and how you intend to serve customers with their takeaway orders and also make use of banners to display any delays.

3. Consider reducing the number of dishes you have on your takeaway menu. By having a dedicated takeaway menu page on your website or micro-website, you can edit the number of dishes depending on the availability of the ingredients.

4. You can implement an online ordering system, which also allows customers to make payments online, or if you cannot do this, then a clear link to a number should be seen at all times for you to accept online orders.

5. Other factors to consider are your social presence. Show customers how you are facilitating takeaway orders by doing short videos of the preparation and packaging to post on your social platforms.

6.Although food photography needs time to do you can use your camera on your phone to take some photos to post on your website or social platforms. As people cannot see your restaurant, pictures are the next best thing.

7. Setup, (if you haven't already) a Google page with important information in regards to your opening hours, contact information, website and pictures of your food. This is also a page where your customers can leave reviews.

8. Get reviews. Right now, reviews on your google page are key to selling your services so ask your customers to leave you a review. Ensure that you have a plugin installed on your website which has these reviews.

9. Join one or more of the popular food delivery apps such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat and tell people on your website and social platforms you do deliver using a delivery service provider.