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19 & 20 OCT 2022


The ultimate grinder you wanted, Krinder!

 Cafflano® Krinder offers the best grind consistency by deploying a plain-bearing structure with precision-cut steel burrs at the most affordable price ever in the coffee industry.

Any serious coffee drinker knows that grinding freshly roasted coffee beans is one of the most crucial steps in brewing perfect cup of coffee. Most hand grinders in the market compromise either grind performance or prices. However, Cafflano has just launched a hand grinder that promises both competitive cost and performance on Kickstarter. It will retail for $99.00 plus tax (USA, ROW), £80.00 incl. VAT (UK), €99.00 incl. VAT (EU).

“When we started the grinder project, our primary objective was to achieve outstanding performance yet with affordable pricing tag for customers, without sacrificing one for the other. I believe we have achieved such with Cafflano® Krinder, through its unique design, usability, weight, and convenience at an unbeatable price point.” said Stephen Kim, Director at Beanscorp (T/A CAFFLANO). 

Grind size and consistency are arguably the two most important elements to brew a perfect cup of coffee of any style; espresso, pour-over, or French Press / cold brew. A good hand grinder should produce consistent grind size and accommodate for all coffee styles. Typical hand grinders attempt to achieve this by adding more components such as roll-bearings on metallic housing and body structure, but this usually result in larger tolerance gaps as well as higher cost of components, lead to highly marked pricing tags.

Cafflano® Krinder, by contrast, has implemented a maintenance-free slide-bearing system to secure the grind consistency of the centre shaft riding on the housing in all ranges. In addition, it has been carefully designed for user convenience, offering maximum portability through its lightweight profile (295 grams), easy-to-use and intuitively numbered grind-setting dials, and optimised hopper and jar capacity of 30g. Cafflano® Krinder will come in 8 different colours; Black, Red, Mint, Blue, Pink, Olive, Silver, Grey.

 Cafflano® Krinder will be available in most countries in Q2 2020 and its crowdfunding campaign is now live on Kickstarter.