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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Keep it Clean and Create a Comfort Zone for your Staff and Customers

In advance of reduced lockdown restrictions, businesses across hospitality and food services are considering how to protect staff and customers and convince them that every effort is being made to maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

There has been a complete shift in our awareness of the surfaces we touch – counters, tables, handles, pin-pads and touchscreens suddenly represent a risk, increasing the need for everyone encountering these surfaces wanting to feel protected.  It’s no longer just about wearing a hairnet!

Keeping hand sanitiser available for staff and customers will be the new norm, whether it’s located at the entrance, along counters, at the point of purchase, in the kitchen or next to staff lockers.

In support of this need Ergonomic Solutions has introduced a hand sanitiser dispenser holder.  Installed in minutes, it has been designed to be mounted on a payment mount to provide customers with a quick and convenient opportunity to sanitise their hands before and after completing payment transactions. Other mounting options include a swing arm, wall mount or floor stand, meaning that staff and customers are never denied the opportunity to protect themselves and others.

Hand sanitisers need to become an integral part of your social distancing strategy

•    Enhanced hygiene at a time of heightened sensitivity
•    Safeguarding staff and customers in a variety of hospitality and food services environments
•    Modular design provides minimal installation overhead
•    Adds value without compromising functionality of your existing point of service
•    Enhances the customer experience and loyalty through customer care

Quick & easy to install:
•    Can be mounted on a swing-arm, wall mount or top mounted on floor stands 
•    Retro-fits existing and new SpacePole configurations
•    Consistent with existing SpacePole modularity, ergonomics and build-quality
•    Compatible with most sanitiser containers with a footprint up to 80mm

Ergonomic Solutions are continuously working on developing solutions as part of our SafeGuard product group, that offer our customers a way to protect staff and consumers in the long-term as well as right now. We’re here to support the hospitality, food service and retail sectors to help protect them and their customers against COVID-19.

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