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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Serve your Customers at a Safe Distance – Maintaining Separation at the Point of Payment

How people pay for goods and services has radically changed since the outbreak of COVID-19, with a huge growth in contactless payments.  Barclaycard recently revealed that 43% of all transactions between the old limit of £30 and the new £45 ceiling are now contactless. Customers and staff no longer want to handle cash.  Maintaining separation at the point of payment is now the new normal and now needs to be part of any business strategy for hospitality, restaurants and takeaways.


Arm’s length contactless payments

To assist with this increasingly important issue the SpacePole® Payment Paddle enables a payment device or mobile card reader to be attached to one end of an ergonomic handle. It protects people, payments and technology, where the physical distance between operator and customer occurs at the point of payment. 


It’s ideal for drive thru, quick service restaurants, food takeaway and home delivery environments - in fact at any point of payment.


The Payment Paddle is compatible with all major payment terminals using our unique MulitGrip™ payment device adapter.



  • Available in two lengths for maximum flexibility: 300mm & 600mm
  • Arm’s length contactless payments
  • Protects payment devices from drop and cable damage
  • Flexible design to accommodate various payment terminals and functions
  • Ergonomic operation for taking payments
  • More secure PIN entry for customer
  • Speed up transactions at the point of payment
  • Reduced threat of theft

Simple to store 

The paddle can be supplied with wall mounted holder – perfect for safely storing when the device is not in use.


The SpacePole Payment Paddle protects people, payments and technology, where the physical distance between operator and customer occurs in the workplace.

Ergonomic Solutions are continuously working on developing solutions that offer our customers a way to protect staff and consumers in the long-term as well as right now. We’re here to support the hospitality, food service and retail sectors to help protect them and their customers against COVID-19.

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