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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Using mobile ordering to keep your staff and customers safe

During these difficult times keeping your staff and customers safe is paramount. The question is how do you do this? Coffee shops are vibrant and busy places that traditionally rely on face-to-face contact.


BrewRound can help with this issue. When we originally started developing our technology we were working towards the coffee shop of the future. We had no idea how vital it would become during this challenging time. 


Our technology has been designed to make ordering coffee quick and simple, all in advance of the customer getting to your coffee shop. This means there is no need for customers to ever get within two meters of your staff.


Here are the key ways Brewround can help you during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Simple ordering.

BrewRound allows customers to order what they want from your menu directly within the BrewRound app. They know exactly what you have on sale at that moment in time. This is great for specials you may have or if you are running a reduced menu at this time.

Having customers place their orders also has an extra benefit. It reduces the time you will spend taking orders via phone, email or social. You can focus on making great coffee safely. 


Don't overcrowd your coffee shop.

With our smart order management, you can notify your customers when their order is ready for collection. This means there is no need for customers to be waiting inside your coffee shop. When they receive the notification the order is ready, they can come in and collect it from the dedicated collection point. With this process, you have a completely contact free way of processing orders. 


Contactless payments.

All payments are taken in advance via the BrewRound app. The funds are then transferred to your account. There is no need for your staff to handle cash or enter details into a payment system. 


These are the key ways that BrewRound can help you run your coffee shop safely and effectively during these uncertain times. As well as everything mentioned above BrewRound also has a host of other great features that can support your coffee shops growth.

Find out more about BrewRound and how we can help your coffee shop.