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Make more profit with an electric delivery bike

About Urban eBikes


Who we are

Urban eBikes was born in 2014 out of three core principles. Focusing on Quality, Value and Urban Mobility, we bring you the highest quality, latest innovations from leading European transport companies. 

We're a big believer in buying once and buying well. Cheap electric bikes simply do not last as long as higher quality ones and are more expensive after two years of ownership due to replacement parts.  

Every brand we work with, stock and distribute has gone through a series of careful assessments for quality and suitability. Unlike competitors, we offer a refined, curated range that we are confident will deliver on these three principles.

Corporate Electric Vehicles

Take advantage of electric for your business today and save money, time and the environment!


Flexible Hire and Leasing Schemes

Introduce electric mopeds into your business and start saving money on deliveries. 

We are able to offer flexible leasing and maintenance solutions to provide you with a ready to ride fleet or individual vehicles. 

With a fixed monthly payment you can receive a ready to ride, fully serviced and insured electric moped on single vehicles or whole fleets.  

  • Perfect for Independent or franchised take away companies
  • Last mile delivery
  • Hassle free
  • Food and Pizza Delivery

Electric mopeds are far cheaper to run that petrol counterparts, costing less than a penny per mile.

No road tax, ULEZ exemption and minimal maintenance costs make payback periods excitingly short too.

Maintenance Contracts

All of our electric bikes and scooters are available with comprehensive maintenance and servicing packages enabling you to focus on your business while we keep your fleet in tip top condition. 

These services are available at your location - we come to you.

Minimise your fleet downtime by using our skilled and specialist technicians who will service your fleet at your location, regularly.

Electric Cargo Bikes

With ULEZ now in place, electric cargo bikes and mopeds are a fantastic way to bring your delivery fleet into the 21st century.

Emissions free, tax free and able to utilise cycle lanes, electric cargo bikes are increasingly seen weaving through city streets across Europe and now the UK. 

With huge carrying capacity and a Government subsidy scheme imminent, electric cargo bikes proved to be able to fulfil 96% of all last mile delivery trips in a recent study

The minimal running and maintenance costs also make the payback period excitingly short. Don't get left behind - diversify your delivery fleet portfolio today.  



Bulk Discount

If you're looking to fully refresh your fleet or purchase bikes for staff cycle schemes, we offer competitive flexible discounts on a wide range of bikes and accessories. 

If you sign up for an account with us, we can set you up to automatically see discounts included on the site so that you can purchase directly whenever you need.

Providing your staff with electric bikes can provide huge health benefits, happiness as well as improvements in productivity. 

We can offer flexible repayment schedules as well as salary sacrifice schemes. 


Delivery Scooters: Why Go Electric? 

Reduce Costs

At under 2p a mile, electric mopeds are 10% of the cost to run compared to petrol. Higher purchase costs are paid back quickly with money saved in reduced servicing and parts. 

Minimal Servicing

With fewer moving parts, electric scooters need far less servicing. Plus when they do - we can handle it all for you with a regular service package.

Quick Battery Swap


The batteries are quick and easy to remove, allowing you to have a second on hand ready to swap over and keep on delivering. Most batteries can be swapped in seconds.

Charge Anywhere

All of our Scooter batteries charge from a standard wall socket, with some models have fast charge.

Easy to Ride


Twist and go. No clutch, gears or sluggish starting. 

Emission Free

Take advantage of a 20% government discount, as well as avoiding ULEZ charges.


Urban eBikes Ltd

Phone: 0800 368 7303