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19 & 20 OCT 2022


How the Pandemic Impacted Catering Companies

Since the inception of the global pandemic, many industries have suffered greatly due to the harsh restrictions which were imposed in order to stop, or at least slow the spread of COVID-19.


The restaurant and catering sector was one of the biggest hit when sit-down at restaurants became prohibited. No events and gatherings meant the need for catering supply equipment was no longer in demand.



The pandemic forced people indoors and it made everyone look at cooking more meals in their own kitchens. However, as humans do, we started to feel the need for more variety and also looked for the familiarity of our favourite takeaway meals.


When this happened and restrictions started to ease, restaurants were able to provide food delivery services to the masses.


This meant that catering equipment suppliers, such as us at Cloverleaf Distribution, were once again needed to provide the catering food supplies and equipment needed to help restaurants do their jobs.


The events sector has also found themselves on the back burner during this time and this too has led to the catering supply industry losing some of their biggest supporters.




Now, it is no secret that the catering supply industry in the UK suffered major losses, people lost jobs and some businesses had to close their doors for good.


But we believe that if we are able to continue supplying the restaurants that are allowed to operate with the equipment and products that they need. We can overcome this!


In summary, we are all responsible for ensuring we stay safe and we adhere to protocols to keep those around us safe.



By adhering to rules, regulations and staying aware of the restrictions imposed, we can help to keep the economy alive and allow businesses such as catering companies and catering suppliers to still provide their services, albeit on a smaller scale, for as long as possible.


As with anything in life, we all tend to adapt to challenging situations, and the same can be said for businesses that have found themselves in a sort of limbo.


One such industry that we are very confident will adapt and will make a comeback is the event industry. There will always be events to be had, whether it is a kiddies party or a wedding. We can’t wait to gather together again! And it’s our wild guess that people will want to reunite more than ever.


Thank you for your support and stay safe. If you are a business who is in need of catering equipment supplies or catering food supplies, you can visit our website here and get in touch with one of our consultants.