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19 & 20 OCT 2022


4 Things You Should Know About Cream Chargers


That is why we from Cloverleaf as catering equipment suppliers recommend having a cream dispenser on hand as well as a supply of cream chargers.  But what are cream chargers? And how does one use them? 


Here you’ll find a quick but in-depth guide to cream chargers.


It is good to know that cream dispensers and cream chargers are not just for the commercial kitchen but can be used in your own home kitchen as well. 

What are cream chargers? 

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A cream charger is a device which you use in conjunction with a cream dispenser. It is a little gas canister containing nitrous oxide which charges the bulb within the cream dispenser. 


These two items together allow for the cream to be pushed up and out of the dispenser creating fluffy, perfectly whipped cream every time. No mess, no fuss. 

How do you use a cream charger?

These are the steps you would follow when using a cream charger:


  • Remove from packaging 
  • Insert into the cream dispenser 
  • Once you hear the hissing sound you can then place the nozzle of choice on the dispenser
  • Give the dispenser a few shakes and dispense the cream

Who would use a cream charger?



A cream charger is a low volume use product. You can find and use cream chargers in the following places:


  • Household kitchens
  • Restaurants 
  • Catered events


For larger, heavier volumes you would need to use a more industrial type of dispenser.

Basically, anyone wanting to make great whipped cream quickly and easily with minimal fuss would want to have a cream dispenser at hand. 


If you’re wondering what are cream chargers used for, you can use it to layout any type of cream even thick sauce.

How long can you keep a cream charger? 

Cream chargers should be disposed of after 2 weeks. If the cream is left for too long it eventually loses its consistency and the fluffiness you desire will no longer be there. 


On a side note - some people frown upon the use of nitrous oxide in these kinds of tools, however, the amount used within the cylinder and the way in which it is used is far from harmful. 

Keeping this in mind, you should be very mindful of how you dispose of the empty cylinders. 

What are the cheapest cream chargers available? 

At Cloverleaf Distribution we mainly provide wholesale catering supplies to restaurants, catering companies and events within the UK. 


However, we know that every home chef wants to have quality products at hand. This is why we offer a cheaper variety of cream chargers, Infusowhip as well as the more bulk product variety. 


It is important to note that even though the price tag is low - the quality is still high and you will still get the best whipped cream at home, every time. You can find out more about the best whip cream chargers on our website. 


Whether you are looking for top products from a commercial catering suppliers perspective or you just want to buy cream chargers to have at home to use with your cream dispenser, you will not go wrong by getting in touch with us.