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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Technology Enable Restaurants Get Back To Business In The UK

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the F & B industry across the board, including the restaurants. Now more than ever, restaurants are looking for ways to optimize their operations in a bid to increase their topline and improve profitability. The pandemic has led many restaurateurs to rethink their business model and look for areas where they can tighten up the budgets such as business structure, overhead facilities and services, and other operations. 

The UK has established itself as a gastronomic hub with the presence of some of the best restaurant concepts in the world and well-known international chefs.As restaurants open up in the coming weeks there is a dire need for operators to create new standard operating procedures (SOPs) that provide a safe environment and reassure potentially concerned customers. 

With effective SOPs that include hygiene checks, tech-friendly service, social distancing rules, online ordering and takeaway services, restaurateurs will be able to establish a concrete roadmap for shaping the future of their business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled the already growing demand for online food delivery globally. Despite dine-in options restarting, food delivery services are probably going to endure indefinitely. Therefore, restaurants should develop a long term strategy to streamline their delivery and pickup processes. 

Technology has emerged as a significant enabler in current times. A lot has already been achieved with the help of technology, such as digital menus, dark kitchens, third party aggregator integrations, mobile app ordering and online reservations.  This lays the foundation for restaurants that have earlier not invested in automation to emphasise most on streamlining their operations with the help of new-age technologies. 

The new normal in the restaurant industry has to be addressed from a modified and enhanced socio-economic perspective that promises a better use of the supply chain and resources. Thinking long term and effectively implementing smart processes will go a long way towards making restaurants efficient. 

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