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19 & 20 OCT 2022


3 Simple steps to future-proof your service post-reopening

As we’ve seen the reopening of hospitality ventures across England this month, it’s been a milestone! We’re all about moving forward, scaling and progressing and while your trustee till setup may do the job perfectly fine, reopening may just be the perfect time to explore new tools and capabilities to strengthen, speed up and future-proof your business. It’s safe to say that we’ve seen the importance of implementing new technology through lessons learned this past year and we want you to do better than simply stay afloat.

A better way to communicate with your customers

Your customers are in a similar position as you with nights out still being a bit of a question mark. Without a fool-proof way to get in touch with your customer base, it’s natural to see a drop in demand. A website is great, but we can do you one better; if you opt for a dedicated Point of Sale (POS) offering a powerful Premium Loyalty module, you can send your customers in-app notifications through a bespoke loyalty app. This will allow you to communicate offers and exclusives to your clientele straight to their smartphone. Incentivising your customers to regular your place of business with time-limited deals and a customised loyalty program can go a long way in seeing those numbers shoot back up.

Stocking in an uncertain climate

The process of getting your business back to normal after an extended time off is untapped waters for many; from uncertainty around the level of demand, you’ll be seeing, potential spikes and dips in business to the unpredictability over when your customers will re-engage. This makes stocking a risky and potentially expensive endeavour if not done right.

POS solutions offer powerful Reporting on stock movements to provide merchants with real-time information on sales and stock - a game-changer during unpredictable climates where demand fluctuates. Live updates on stock movements will alleviate many of the concerns around over and under stocking and avoid unnecessary loss from ageing and depreciating products in cases of overstocking to simply not meeting the unexpected spikes in demand and losing out on revenue when under stocked - with live updates, merchants can address, forecast and respond to demand instantly. 

Stay contactless

While we’re slowly but surely (and hopefully) leaving the pandemic behind, it is still a concern. Giving your customers contactless payment options does not only shave off significant seconds off every transaction but ensures a frictionless way of order fulfilment. This means minimal customer-staff touchpoints and mobile ordering solutions such as Goodeats allows customers to order for delivery, collection and drop-off and beat queues altogether.

Tech brings solutions 

The prospect of adopting new tech can seem somewhat overwhelming. But Goodtill POS solutions are designed with simplicity and the user in mind - we’re all about cutting staff induction in half!

If you’re interested in hearing more about the tools Goodtill POS can equip you with, get in touch with our Sales Team today