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19 & 20 OCT 2022



For the past 40 years, The Master Chefs of Great Britain have been championing the very best of British food. Supporting the campaign for healthy eating, Master Chefs have supported the use of local producers and suppliers to their members; encouraging the use of fresh produce, as well as promoting local shopping, lower food miles and an appreciation of British produce. 

Our non-profit organisation was founded to bring chefs together to share ideas and to further the profession by providing support and training to aspiring young chefs, as well as promoting the art of gastronomy and culinary skills through training and education in a workplace.

Sourcing local produce

Members of The Master Chefs of Great Britain are supported by the organisation to source local produce for their kitchens and introduce the consumer to new local suppliers through their exciting and delicious menus.

Our hope is that through our work, the trend of shopping local and eating fresh, local produce will be nurtured amongst consumers, bolstering the healthy eating campaign, and changing everyday behaviours.

Changes made by Master Chefs members in their kitchens have brought the natural flavours of these local ingredients to the fore. For example, the use of butter and cream in sauces has increasingly been replaced with olive oil and herbs. This has been reinforced by cookbooks written by Master Chefs members, together with demonstrations organised at their restaurants, not to mention talks and cookery demos at retail and trade shows. 

Master Chefs of the future

Nurturing the Master Chefs of the future is another big part of our mission. Just one of the many competitions we hold each year is Young Master Chef of the Year, which is for young chefs under the age of 23. The Chefs must create a three-course menu using a selection of ingredients that will challenge their skills. The menus are initially judged on paper, with the finalists being invited for a cook-off final.

We’re delighted to be able to return to live competitions after the challenges of the last 15 months and we were recently able to stage the final of the Young Pastry Chef of the Year at the fourth attempt. These competitions are so vital to the development of young chefs. 

Membership benefits

By becoming a Master Chef of Great Britain, chefs are committed to being the best in their culinary field. Once a chef becomes a member (generally by invitation or recommendation) they are expected to be dedicated to serving the culinary arts by expanding its influence, for example within the healthy eating campaign, or sourcing locally for their restaurant, hotel, or catering company. 

They must be able to show a high level of technical expertise, committed to using the finest products in dishes and work in kitchens that are clean, pleasant, and functional. Assisting in the training of their staff to help them develop their own careers, our members act as ambassadors for the profession and for our organisation.

We’re incredibly proud of our history and of the work our members continue to do across the profession. And we will continue to work towards our goal of championing great British cuisine. 

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