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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Curry Culture - 15 Years of Curry News

In 2005 I walked into a meeting with the Asian Restaurant and Takeaway (Northern) Association and Curry Culture was born. The Association isn’t around anymore and never really got going but Curry Culture has had several updates since it’s early days and now has thousands of social media followers and monthly readers.

Our goal is a simple one…

"We are here to talk about all things curry related and to celebrate the good, call out the bad and do our best to support the great world of curry."

The curry industry is generally poorly served by the media. Trade magazines are often dreadful and I wanted to create something that highlighted the best of the industry to both those who work in it and the public who love it so much.

That’s why we have such a broad range of topics, from chefs sharing their recipes to members of the public sharing their restaurant reviews. We have been supporting restaurants throughout the pandemic with free publicity and will always publish relevant stories if they are sent to us with the right content.

Wherever there is curry we will try to be there. There may also be the odd diversion off into beer as this is another great love of ours but we can't see anyone objecting to that.

More recently I have been developing my own cooking skills and have had some success with a range of recipe books and ideas from YouTube in particular. A shout out to Cyrus Todiwala, Meera Sodha, Chetna Makan and Ed Holston to name just a few who have provided the inspiration. I can now cook a lovely biryani at least and my dhall is Dishoom like in its creaminess (but it is their recipe).

We do offer some paid content but on the whole all of our reviews are for products and services that we have purchased. We don’t try and ask for FREE meals in order to review a venue, in fact, it makes it really hard to give an honest opinion if you’re not paying. That of course limits the scope of the places we can cover as jumping into the car and driving all over the country isn’t a realistic option. Having said that we have covered many venues including some in the Orkneys!

If you have a Curry Recipe, News Story, Product or Restaurant and want us to take a look, drop us a line. As long as it’s curry related there is a fair chance we will cover it.

Guy, Editor, Curry Culture

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