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19 & 20 OCT 2022


How will the retail food and beverage industry increase efficiency in the post-COVID era?

Following the UK’s return to normalcy, the food and beverage industry faces an unprecedented challenge to maintain and increase profitability while complying with new protocols and regulations. 

In the midst of all this, automation tools like QVALON continues to assist and prepare businesses for the post-pandemic era and help streamline workflow between headquarters and their offices.. Their expertise in the food and beverage niche has enabled brands to remain efficient and motivated.

Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee is an NYC-based coffee roaster with shops all over the city and a global reach online. However, it was challenging for the company to reach this milestone initially because their process efficiency was low, and reviews were inconclusive. 

The collection, consolidation, and analysis of the data consumed a significant amount of time and energy, so it took Birch Coffee longer than expected to implement corrective measures, which resulted in unresolved issues or new issues.

The management recognised the system flaws and wanted the whole audit process to be conducted online. Having these goals in mind, Birch Coffee discovered QVALON. The system enabled them to:

  • Optimise their manager’s (auditor’s) work time.
  • Eliminate inefficient processes for audits, data collection, and analytics on audits results.
  • Reduce expenses on consumables.

Burger King

Burger King was looking for a way to streamline cleaning processes using their existing contract-based service vendors. Since regular monitoring of cleaning quality is key to a better customer experience, the fast-food restaurant made it one of their priorities.

Audits of cleaning performance should identify individual deficiencies so that action can be taken when necessary. With Burger King’s partnership with QVALON, they were able to:

  • Redraft contracts with cleaning service providers on more favourable terms.
  • Reduce cleaning expenses by 9%.
  • Achieve higher compliance to cleaning standards and protocols.
  • Deliver hygienic and cleaner customer experience.


BILLA, an Austrian supermarket chain, has an 8% increase in the quality score of its store operations. They also streamlined the onboarding process of new employees to ensure seamless integrations with existing teams and company processes.

Maison Dellos

Maison Dellos, a famous Russian restaurant group, recognised the positive impact of QVALON, as the below comparative analysis suggests. The diagram shows a comparison of scores obtained during internal audits for several processes. In just one month, the operations have improved in quality.

How has digitised operational audits helped these organizations achieve promising results despite challenging circumstances?

Optimisation solutions like QVALON simplifies inspections and audits by providing a checklist-based tool for monitoring and reviewing operational processes and staff performance. As a result, organizations will know what is happening at different locations with no delay and fuss.

Key Tools:

  • A mobile app. Say goodbye to questionnaires or spreadsheets. 
  • Standardised assessment criteria. Eliminate human bias from the process.
  • Real-time photos and comments. Make sure the assessments have been completed on time.
  • Instant results. View and analyze audit results immediately.

Additional Tools:

  • Checklist builder. Create new checklists, import existing ones, or use standard ones.
  • Unlimited checklists. Help your business scale by creating as many quality control checklists as you like.
  • Customisation. Comprehensive checklists templates and individual settings.
  • Scoring Modes. Simple way to calculate the assessment based on check results.
  • Geo-position control. Denial or granting of inspection depending on the auditor’s geo-location.

These are now critical operation instruments that a company of any size in retail food and beverage should gear up to sustain its growth, QVALON and other retail-focused solutions provide a tailored, simple, and cost-effective approach to supporting growing businesses and established retail chains.