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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Modularity and compatibility brought to the heart of tablet-based restaurant applications

As restaurateurs, one of the challenges faced when using tablets for your POS solutions, is the pace at which technology changes, this can quickly mean the need to upgrade or replace your current tablets. 

The “new” TabPOS U-Frame™ from Ergonomic Solutions ensures that whilst your hardware may change, your mounting solution will not! The U-Frame is a simple to use, cost-effective adjustable frame, that is compatible for mounting standard tablets from 7” to large 13” Pro formats and is perfect for your restaurants TabletPOS, digital signage, front of house (customer check-in/ ordering), attended self-service, or other POS applications. 

Why TabPOS U-Frame™ for restaurants?

  • Compatibility – A universal mount compatible with tablets from Apple, Samsung and other manufacturers.
  • Maximise Your ROI - Turn any tablet into a point of sale or information point with U-Frame when paired with the full range of SpacePole mounts.
  • Modularity – Customisable solution to meet your restaurant’s needs, with our standard range of mounts, accessories and add-ons, such as a second screen, printer or payment device.
  • Easy set up – Bring smart, simple to use and cost-effective TabletPOS to your restaurant.

Ergonomic Solutions TabPOS portfolio, also offers the TabPOS TabPrint Curve which is a simple all in one TabletPOS mounting solution to combine a tablet and printer within one footprint. Compatible with our popular X-Frame, U-Frame or A-Frame solutions, TabPrint Curve provides amazing flexibility as well as modularity which enables you to incorporate a wide range of peripherals to facilitate full service TabletPOS. 

Whether adding payments, scanners, a second screen or a customer display, TabPrint Curve is the ideal solution, providing both high and low mounting positions. With a wide choice of TabletPOS suitable printers available in the market today, we’re able to provide two different sizes of TabPrint Curve to maximise compatibility.

Cables are manged without fuss and all your point-of-sale hardware is kept within one small footprint, allowing the TabPrint Curve to create a sleek and professional solution.

Why TabPrint Curve for restaurants?

  • Modular Design: Integrated setup for adding payment terminals, customer displays and second screens.
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with our range of tablet frames, TabPrint Curve will support all standard tablets from 7” up to 13” Pro format.
  • Flexibility: Available in two sizes to support a wide range of printers from all the major manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung.
  • Customer engagement: Tablet can be flipped between operator and customer.
  • Investment protection: Easy tablet upgrades and printer swap outs.
  • Optimised design: Small footprint: TabPrint Curve keeps all POS hardware within one solution.
  • Design it your way. Modular and customisable, add peripherals and accessories to suit your business.

About Ergonomic Solutions

Creators of SpacePole®, Ergonomic Solutions is an established, leading global supplier of innovative and ergonomically designed technology mounting solutions including POS stands, mounts and enclosures for point of sale technology and tablet & mobility solutions. They are developed in partnership with global retailers and technology suppliers coupled with the most advanced ergonomics. Our application areas extend across the Point of Sale, Point of Payment and Point of Service. 

At present there are 11 million unique installations of point of sale stands and other ergonomic solutions, including over 4 million specific payment solutions, worldwide. In the retail sector we supply over 60% of the world’s top 50 retailers, making our technology mounting solutions the preferred choice.

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