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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Who are McWhinney’s Sausages?

McWhinney’s Sausages Limited have been established since 1898 and we’re still using an original recipe to produce highest quality sausages meaning there will be no “New and Improved recipe” as we have already got the best.

Our premium pork sausages are made using 70% prime pork and have been used across the UK takeaway market and have proved to be extremely popular with customers who prefer to offer consistency and quality.  The benefit of this is a customer who becomes loyal to the brand and will come back time and time again.

In addition, our Bigfoot sausage has become legendary as it is 12 inches long and weighs 6 ounces. When placed in a soft roll it is a meal on its own. (Look out for Bigfoot as he will be roaming around this years show)

Using only lean shoulder pork, our products have only to be sampled to let customers know what they are missing, creating a real loyalty to our product that you do not get elsewhere.

Kevin McWhinney, the Managing Director of McWhinney’s is so passionately committed to the quality of the products we produce that he refuses to sell any product to the public that he would not be happy for his own family to eat.

As we only produce sausages, it is essential that we are consistent in our product offering. We have to ensure that we strictly use the same recipes, quality of ingredients and manufacturing techniques to ensure that what a customer buys today will be the same next week, next month and next year. To this end we are happy to say that we are boring – boringly consistent.

Further information about our products etc can be found by visiting our website: