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19 & 20 OCT 2022


We love a trade show, and you should too!

We especially enjoyed The Coffee Shop Expo, and we have been visiting since it started. Claire has delivered a keynote for the last four years, with standing room only in the theatre and is there again this year telling you why now is a good time to open a coffee shop.

We use these shows as a catalyst for change and a team-building exercise all in one.

Without exception, our visits improved our coffee shop business. By taking the time out of your busy schedules, immersing yourself in what's trending or new, listening to experienced speakers and meeting up with old friends, you are inspired and invigorated.

We always took our teams with us, have researched sustainability, met new and old suppliers, listened to excellent presentations from outstanding speakers, and enjoyed countless panels.

There are many challenges for the hospitality industry in 2022. The impact of the pandemic will take many months to work itself through. A trade show will help you get ready for the changes ahead.

Your coffee business will need to adapt both to the shifts in the behaviour of your guests and the significant alterations to tax and covid support that will hit at the end of Quarter 1, 2022.

Ingredient and wage inflation is already impacting the bottom lines of every coffee shop and cafe in the country, and we are entering a period of economic uncertainty. Inflation will be quickly followed by an increase in interest rates, raising the cost of your borrowings.

The answer to many of your problems is already out there. Pandemics are rare but economic recessions are a more regular occurrence that many have weathered before you. Many of the suppliers you meet at a trade show will have the experience and knowledge to get you through the next 18 months and would be happy to build a relationship with your business.

So plan your day around the presentations and events, mark out your route so you don't miss the crucial stands and remember to arrange a lovely meal at the end of the day.