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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Create Your Own Adventure – Welcome to the World of Aillio

Within the coffee industry, innovation and technology make advances constantly which can and do have transformative effects. And then, there are the Holy Grails – you know the ones that change the way we view something at the same time as taking us on the experience of a lifetime. Meet the Aillio Bullet…

Aillio comes to us from Denmark, with the mission to produce the World’s best micro roast. For those of us who are obsessed with sustainability, green technology, and the versatility to roast to your own desired outcomes – the Bullet certainly ticks all the boxes! One of the main tenets that really makes this little 1kg roaster stand out is the design of the IBTS – the infrared bean temperature sensor which as you would imagine, uses infrared sensors to detect the temperature of the beans resulting in an accurate, consistent measure. 

The emergence of green technology in the realm of coffee roasting is a game changer in a time period in which we have never been more conscious of our emissions and more committed to sustainability than ever before. The Bullet uses electromagnetic induction heating which means the emissions are minimal and less power is needed than with a traditional roaster so you can reduce your footprint without sacrificing anything. This roaster literally becomes a plug and play. 

As if the technology couldn’t get any better, Aillio created Roast. World – a new organically growing platform that evolves as we all do on our roasting journeys. We learn and grow together from a collective database of roasting profiles performed by everyone and anyone with the Bullet – from experienced world-renowned roasting professionals to brand new entrepreneurs and home roasting enthusiasts. 

Being a small commercial roastery from the Northeast of England, we at Mocha Mondo Coffee were keen to find out what the Bullet and Aillio had to offer and we were not disappointed. Every day you will find our staff racing to use it and eager to create new roasting profiles. Not only we were thrilled with the Bullet, but we have a whole list of people who have seen the benefits including many new start-up roasteries in Scotland, young and upcoming roasteries all over England and Wales, new entrepreneurial businesses such as mobile coffee drink trailers, Q Graders as well as large commercial roasteries using the Bullet for quality control and profile development.  

Anywhere you can think of, any roast you can conceive to create, Aillio will take you there.

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