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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Buttermilk – The treat trail blazers!

Buttermilk are the treat trail blazers who are bringing the tastiest choccies that are 100% plant powered to the flexitarians across the UK.

It’s the vision of one couple. Tracy and David who have set out to make ‘feel-good’ treats made for life’s little indulgences so that everyone can enjoy exceptional tasting treats. They wanted to make exceptional tasting choccies for the growing numbers of people looking for a flexitarian lifestyle, so whether you choose a plant powered lifestyle or must exclude dairy from your diet you can enjoy awesome tasting Choccy. 

What makes Buttermilk different? The combination of two simple beliefs. That chocolate is a treat that must, must taste awesome! Secondly, that people already love their favourite choccy bars so don’t reinvent the wheel. Buttermilk makes amazing tasting versions of your favourite chocolate treats. 

The twist. All of this is also Plant Powered. Perfect for milk choccy lovers, flexitarians, vegan diets and those must exclude dairy from their diet, Buttermilk is the one chocolate treat everyone can enjoy! 

Here at Buttermilk the beliefs and values of Tracy & David’s vision flow through all of their choccies. All recipes are free from Palm oil, there’s no hidden nasties in any recipe and all packaging are recyclable with a zero to landfill promise. The bright, dazzling packaging designs reflect their trail blazing and sunny outlook on life. 

How does it taste so good? Well, the Buttermilk Kitchen in Cornwall has been around since 1964 so it’s no stranger to producing tantalising confectionary. Making all of our own Chocolate to a unique recipe certainly helps, our amazing team take pride crafting every bar. 

So what products should you try? Well. All of them, but first stop must be the award-winning Caramel Nougat Bar (The Grocer new product of the year. The first flexitarian brand to ever win!), along with it’s friends Peanut Nougat bar and Honeycomb Blast bar. These 45-50g choccy treats are going down a storm with consumers. 

Tracy comments ‘60% of people in the UK follow a flexitarian lifestyle but 100% of everyone who we speak to wants Chocolate that tastes amazing. Our mission is make sure that whenever anyone wants their favourite choccie treats there should be one anyone can eat, without compromise. We believe Buttermilk helps you Treat Yourself Better’.

For more information, to request samples or stockist information please visit or follow us on insta and facebook.