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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Customer Relations and Reservation Management Done Right

The customers are crucial for every business success and the restaurant industry doesn't make an exception. The challenge is to build a brand that has a place in your customer’s heart.  To do it, you need to be backed by the right tools.

It is generally believed that first impressions are key. The first impression in the restaurant business begins with making a reservation. The first time a customer visits is an excellent chance to start building a direct positive relationship. 

You need to have a solution for the whole reservation life cycle and the ability to optimise your decision-making based on all the customer knowledge and data you build. 

A big mistake that many venues make is to unintentionally promote a 3rd party marketplace, a middleman, instead of promoting their own brand. The middleman becomes the face of the venue’s brand and overpowers it in search engines and online presence.

The right solution will let you build your brand, facing your customers and communicating directly. Doing this, the customer who wants to visit will find a direct channel with you, using your website, through social networks and search engines. You can Increase your sales long-term, by building up your own channels.

A proven real-time solution like Reservation.Tools provides you with the tools to manage reservations and customer relations, the right way, while you own the valuable data.


A great customer experience

  • The ability to book reservations through multiple channels – Google Search, Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, or your Website. 
  • Fast seating using an optimised flow for identifying and seating. According to the Reservation.Tools’ blog, a busy venue is seating over 200 reservations within a 1-hour window with almost no wait time. This is done in parallel by several hosts, benefiting the real-time nature of the app.


With the help of a growing customer database

  • Making each stay more personal, through building up your customer database. You know about specific requirements or allergies that the guest might have; his ratings based on several topics, his history with the venue, etc.
  • The customer can call your phone or any Messaging App. Live syncing your customer contacts to any device, lets you know exactly who is calling and you can provide the appropriate personal greeting.
  • Providing great insights - the average duration or data that will let you optimise your table sizes, based on the number of people in each reservation; Tracking problems like no-shows, cancellations; Understanding who your best customers are, and many more.


And Direct communication with customers

  • Automated communication through various channels, like Email, SMS, Push Notifications is a must in order to be productive. This can be confirmation of an online reservation, a reminder to reduce no-shows and numerous others.
  • On the side of customer communication, a highly customisable communication with managers is also key for on-time decision making.

Do what you do best even better!


Reservation.Tools is a real-time reservation management app for restaurants, clubs, bars, pubs.