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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Why are so many people choosing a standard contract over a rolling over contract?

Many of our customers have had the very unfortunate experience of being burnt by a previous payment provider. This includes being treated unfairly and having contracts rolled over and of course, the silent killer- increasing rates every few months without being notified. With most of these companies, you need to be very fastidious with the terms and conditions of the agreement because if not it can lead to exploitation. What seems too good to be true often is. Some companies offer large buyouts, with representatives that do not do their due diligence on whether a customer will even save let alone whether the company will honour the buyout, that the sales representative guaranteed.
That is why so many people find comfort in joining Amma. We have created a structure where our customers can save over a set period on fixed rates that are tailor-made to them. We guarantee the service and business development throughout, a partnership which grows the more we get to know and understand our client’s vision. You do not want a company to just give you a card machine and take payments. You want a company that will provide aftercare and collaboration. Ideally, customers do not want the bother of changing providers, at Amma we encourage continuity. Customers want things to improve over time, they want the best recommendations, and they want peace of mind. Sometimes it’s the little things, like changing bank accounts, PCI compliance, or as simple as just getting the machine to work.
“With so much competition out there, people need to know where to go”. That is why Amma is here, a company that brings balance to all industries but with a focus on retail, hospitality, events, and recruitment. We will negotiate on your behalf, with you to bring the best rates, the best services, and the best products to bring profitability to the communities where we all reside. 
Some of these companies claim to be from London while having founders with foreign interests. Through the exploitation of the citizens and their own customers, they thrive in a cutthroat industry. Some companies have been sold and with that, sold their commitments they made to their staff and customers, in some cases departments have been outsourced abroad leaving whole teams of retentions and specialist teams jobless. 
With Amma, we will be making use of all of London’s specialities. We work closely with businesses to find out exactly what they need and how we can use our network of resources and strategies to help our client's business grow while at the same time making the community a better and more affordable place to live.
The Amma Family Tree is expanding
The differences will be clear when you invest in yourself. 
Make the right choice. 
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