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19 & 20 OCT 2022



SENTIA Red is an exciting NEW plant-based, alcohol-free spirit and the world’s first truly functional alcohol alternative designed by science. Thanks to SENTIA Spirit’s proprietary blend of botanical ingredients and the way they come together to enhance ‘GABA’ activity in the brain, drinkers can now experience that ‘two-drink sweet spot feeling’ (light, relaxed and positively social) in a safe and healthy way. 

The innovation at the heart of SENTIA was created by renowned British neuropsychopharmacologist Professor David Nutt and his team at GABA Labs, having cleverly anticipated that the ‘solution’ to satisfy the increasing number of #sobercurious, mindful drinkers globally, was to offer the upsides of alcohol, without the alcohol

Positively social and intoxicatingly good, SENTIA Spirits work by naturally replicating the feeling of drinking alcohol through the triggering of our brain’s natural GABA response. The result: a wonderful sensory experience responsible for that ‘two-drink sweet spot’ feeling without any hangover the next day.

SENTIA takes its name from the Latin word, made popular during the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment period (17th century), which has evolved into today’s ‘sensory’, ‘sentient’ and ‘sensual’; now representing that desirable sensation we seek from drinking.

The #NoLo Solution:

#sobercurious’ and ‘mindful drinkers’ are no longer a niche audience. More and more people are choosing to abstain from alcohol to support better wellbeing and mental health, and SENTIA is paving the way forward for a shift in drinking culture as we know it, marking the next phase in alcohol alternatives - drinks that offer what we want from alcohol, without the alcohol. 

James Jacoby, Co-Founder of SENTIA Spirits, said: “Alcohol alternatives have been gaining momentum over the past decade since Seedlip created a demand for a premium alcohol-free spirit back in 2013. With the evolution and growth of ‘NoLo’ showing no signs of slowing, what we at SENTIA  have been anticipating is the inevitable next move to functional alcohol alternatives which offer the upsides people seek from alcohol, without the alcohol itself.

The discovery by Professor Nutt that GABA is at the heart of the ‘good’ alcohol experience and the development of the ‘botanical GABA blend’ is a game-changer for the industry. For the first time ever, people can get what they want from alcohol in a healthy way. Over the last 20 years The Prof. has been such a prominent force for change, so working with him has been a dream come true. 

As a start-up, we’re thrilled to be entering our Series A round; with a plan to unveil SENTIA in two exciting new formats this year, while exploring global distribution. We are excited to be at the forefront of a brand-new movement and to be pioneering this emergent category.”

What is GABA? Distilling the science behind the spirit:

  • Prof. Nutt’s mission is to understand the science behind alcohol and its effects, in order to produce safer and more effective alternatives. 
  • GABA has been around for billions of years and your body produces it naturally all the time, modulating your levels of relaxation and harmony. 
  • Consuming high volumes of alcohol leads to all sorts of unpleasant effects but more moderate volumes of alcohol, around one or two units, raises our body’s GABA activity, which is understood to be the reason alcohol is so widely enjoyed. 
  • GABA Lab’s research led to the identification and combination of natural botanicals that together enhance GABA function from gut to brain. 
  • GABA Labs are continuing their pioneering research into GABA. 

SENTIA should be experienced like a fine spirit: neat, over ice, with a premium mixer, or in a cocktail. Drink profile: Distinctly heady, sweet and spiced aromatics. An unexpected, complex flavour journey, finishing with bold, bittersweet, sumptuous berries. 

It is the world’s first alcohol alternative to be classified as a ‘food supplement’, due to its concentration of powerful ingredients. So it is recommended not to exceed 200ml in any 24hr period, not be consumed whilst on medication, pregnant or breastfeeding and to be kept out of reach of children. 

With a relationship just secured with ‘Proof Drinks’, a top-tier UK Trade Distributor, expect to see SENTIA across the UK’s on and off-trade throughout 2022. 

With this year on track to change the meaning of mindful drinking and alcohol-free ‘spirits’ as we know it, could the launch of world-first ‘GABA  Spirit’ Sentia Red, mean the future of alcohol is on the rocks?

To find out more visit // @sentiaspirits