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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Single-use Coffee cup pollution – No more a challenge

In the UK alone, around 7 million single-use coffee cups are consumed EVERY SINGLE DAY.  The vast majority of these are not recyclable due to the fact that the paper is tightly bonded to a liner which is most commonly made from fossil fuel-based plastics. 

Whilst it is technically possible to separate these layers so that the paper and plastic can be used again, it is not a financially viable process and so most are either sent to landfill or sent incineration.

Even the cups lined with PLA, a bio-based plastic, require specialist industrial composting facilities, very few of which exist in the UK. 

We know businesses need to be realistic and accept that many people still don't bring a reusable cup, so what can you do to keep coffee cups out of landfills or from heading to incineration?

Finally, there is a solution, coffee cups that are made with a water-based lining (Disposable Green NEXTGEN Cups) which means that they can be disposed of with your paper and cardboard recycling.  That being said, the best opportunity for these cups to get to the right place and not be confused with the types of cups we've mentioned above, is for businesses to take control of the collection and separation system and to work with companies that guarantee they will be taken for paper recycling.  

It will require some effort and information penetration in the beginning to implement changes, but soon, like with most things, it will become a normal everyday way of working with the added bonus of diverting thousands of single-use coffee cups from incineration. 

Disposable Green addresses these concerns by supplying products that are certified home compostable. This means that not only will the material fully break down in a short timeframe, but it will do this in an environment that is achievable at home in your backyard. Disposable Green NEXTGEN Coffee cups are TUV Home Compost certified and will decompose naturally within 24 weeks irrespective of where they are put in the waste system and is the best solution for all the coffee cup chains and boutiques, hospitality, events, food traders as well as retailers.

The journey of replacing all single-use disposables is a long one and Disposable Green is constantly investing in R&D to find ideal no strings attached alternatives at an affordable cost to the market. At the same time, the company is expanding at a pace and soon will be available in 3 continents which will allow for mass reduction of single-use plastic.