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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Botanical Waters – thirsty or zesty? Wild Aqua is the answer.

Do you remember the continuous wine o’clock during pandemic lockdowns? Forget it! Make room for a new generation of consumers in search of health, happiness, and innovations. The post-pandemic Sober Nation. 

These new drinks put the fun in function, quench your thirst, make you nostalgic, and all that comes in sustainable packaging.

The Why?

This is a time of awareness. As economic uncertainty carries into 2022, competitive brands need to come up with innovative products with a flavour profile that takes into consideration health, function, and value. 

Consumers are now searching for ways to improve their water intake, hydration being a true modern problem, cut on sugar, but also find pleasure in the process. Key trends analysts report that 31% of Millenials value natural flavours in their drinks, and 19% of the same category value no/low sugar beverages. Brands must catch up on this train and offer truly nostalgic flavours that double up on their functional benefits.

The How?

While fruit-infused water may be an option, innovations come from herbs and flowers. The earthiness of these plants may boost a brand’s image and gather a large audience – from youngsters to elders who wish to keep up with the trends, but also stay true to their background. All in the name of nature! 

The Who?

Riding on these amazing market opportunities, Wild Aqua is a good example– a herb-infused drink, all-natural, no sugar, low on calories and gluten-free. The brand offers two flavors: lavender & mint and lavender & elderflower. This Botanical Water can be used on many occasions – from daytime hydration to preparing non-alcoholic cocktails, to replacing a traditional lemonade, or to replacing a bottle of water at the gym. The manufacturing process goes from harvesting the plants and distilling them while keeping the essential oils inside the drink and bottling the beverage in glass bottles. The result is a fresh, earthy, mouthful non-alcoholic beverage that will never make you feel guilty for drinking it! As we all know, what happens at the lips, stays at the hips!

Join the flow of nature and ride the new beverage trends at 

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