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19 & 20 OCT 2022


visioncheckout - The simplest checkout you can imagine

Zucchetti can offer you new technology to reduce queue times during busy periods and increase your profitability. The visioncheckout allows you to enhance the customer experience by means of independent self-service stations featuring AI-powered food & item recognition technology. With the help of an integrated camera, the visioncheckout detects all articles within 0.5 seconds and transmits them to your TCPOS system. Scan. Pay. Enjoy

A successful canteen must ensure short queuing times, rapid processing and an innovative environment. This is why, Zucchetti has developed the visioncheckout, an innovative AI POS technology that speeds up the whole checkout process to less than 5 seconds, improving the quality of service and the guest experience whilst reducing operational cost.

How it works

The visioncheckout uses AI to recognize which items are on the tray. Integrated with TCPOS, the parameters are detected and the correct amount is automatically transferred into the TCPOS application. The intelligence behind the food recognition is based on an integrated camera, which autonomously identifies meals, drinks as well as retail articles as soon as a tray is placed below the visioncheckout terminal. Furthermore, with every meal scanned, our recognition gets even smarter through the teach and learn software. Due to the fact that the articles do not have to be entered manually, the system noticeably speeds-up the entire checkout process and leads to a significantly higher canteen throughput.

The simplest checkout for your customers

What does this mean for your clients? Well, for your customers familiar processes do not change: they choose their food and drink and place them on the tray – just like they are used to. In the checkout area, they place their tray below the visioncheckout, which identifies all items and calculates the price. This process takes only 5 seconds, much faster than standard checkout through a traditional POS.

Measurable value

Introducing new items is easy! All articles that were previously sold can be recognized immediately. If you are offering a new meal, you can “teach” the visioncheckout and introduce it with just a single picture. It only takes seconds and can happen just before your opening hours.

This makes workflows easier and more effective, as staff can be deployed where it creates real customer value. whilst reducing your operational cost. The solution enables Food Service Providers to enhance their offering and embrace the latest AI technology from Zucchetti and the latest cashless payment technologies. 

Enjoy the canteen of the future with the visioncheckout, the simplest checkout you can imagine!