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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


V-Tex Set to Launch in the UK

How many pre packed, non perishable beverages are needlessly chilled around the clock every day? 

What is the impact this has on the environment?

Is there a better way?

The reality is that billions of drinks around the world are being constantly chilled, in readiness for sale, yet they have no shelf life issues. In Europe alone, commercial beverage chilling uses 21.2TWh/yr of energy costing around €4 billion each year.

We live in a time where it is becoming increasingly important to reduce our carbon footprint and we must implement new technologies that can help with achieving our energy saving targets.

If every retailer could replace their current systems of refrigeration with one that only chilled the drinks that were being sold, rapidly at the time of sale, wouldn’t that be a game changing advance in solving these issues?

V-Tex is a brand new technology, coming soon to the UK, that delivers the only self-refrigerating appliance designed for use within the hospitality and catering industries that turns the standard ap-proach to cooling beverages on its head. 

Rather than chilling high quantities of non perishable beverages in advance, it has now been  made possible to chill on demand, providing hugely significant energy and cost savings for restaurants, hotels, bars and many more establishments.  

V-Tex reduces the number of refrigerators needed in any given setting whilst at the same time allows for an increase in choice of beverages on offer to customers. 

The V-Tex unit is capable of chilling anything from a standard soda or beer can to a large wine bottle, with chilling times being as fast as 45 seconds!! You can also select from dif-ferent temperature settings, to ensure that every beverage is delivered to the customer at the correct temperature every single time. 

With V-Tex, you not only get an innovative and energy efficient appliance: one that has been shortlisted as a finalist for an innovative catering product award; but also one that is sleek and sophisticated to compliment any setting. 

Using V-Tex provides benefits to retailers over and beyond the current means of bever-age refrigeration: 

Save time in cooling drinks - Not only is V-Tex faster, but you are guaranteed an ice cold beverage every time!

Happier customers - Avoid running out of popular products at peak times and avoid serv-ing lukewarm products instead of ice cold ones!

Increased cooling capacity - The V-Tex will cool  as many drinks as needed!

Space saving - Refrigerators used  to chill drinks that are only sold occasionally become redundant. V-Tex is also much smaller than many  commercial refrigerators!

Outlets sell more drinks - Research shows that outlets that are able to adequately chill their beverages sell around 20%  more drinks!

Save Energy - V-Tex has been developed for  low energy use (between 67% to 90% compared to standard glass door refrigerators)!

Save money - With  V-Tex, you only chill the drinks that sell and generate revenues, rap-idly and economically!

Better for the environment - V-Tex shrinks the burden on the environment by more than halving the energy required to chill drinks, and not only  reduces carbon emissions but also the carbon footprint!

Look out for V-Tex launching soon in the UK

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