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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Starbucks Trials Compostable and Paper Straws

Starbucks is about to trial a new plastic straw solution within 54 of its UK stores, as they want to see what the British public will make of the new paper and biodegradable plastic options. 

This announcement has been swiftly put in place after one Starbucks employee started a petition, asking the coffee chain to get rid of plastic straws from their stores. Stephanie Muttillo, from New Jersey, believes that Starbucks should lead by example by combatting the plastic waste crisis. 

“I would like to see Starbucks, the company I work for, help lead the way to shrink our footprint on the planet,” she said. 

“Plastic straws can’t be recycled because the are too light, and they are sometimes made out of the same plastic as styrofoam, which also cannot be recycled. Many companies have already started using compostable or paper straws, and there are many alternatives to plastic straws available.” 

Since its creation, Stephanie’s petition has gained over 68,000 signatures… not bad eh?

This new trial will begin in May and will be implemented in 54 stores across London and Manchester. 

Starbucks also shared the results from the first six weeks of a three-month trial into reusable cups. 35 stores have been charging an extra 5p for a paper cup, where the extra profits are donated to an environmental charity. A 25p discount is also given to customers who bring in reusable cups. Results revealed that reusable cup usage increased by more than 150%!

This news has been released on the same day that over 40 of the UK’s largest businesses have signed the UK Plastics Pact. By signing this pact, these businesses have agreed to start making all their plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.