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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Failed Search for Food Manufacturers Inspires Specialised Search Site

You've been all over the internet, social platforms, google, bing and every imaginable resource looking for events, products and strategies to grow your business.

But want to know where to go in 2018?

That's what we're going to tell you.

Most manufacturers and suppliers for the broader food service industry have 3 basic needs

- Grow their network

- Find new potential clients across the world

- Build sales for their company

We'd like to introduce you to Scabrou, the only place on the internet to find any restaurant supply store and much more.

Search over 16 categories including Furniture, Apps, Events, Food, Beverage Manufacturers, Food Trucks and more it's the one place that captures the entire hospitality and manufacturing field.

You can create a business page for free and anyone can create a profile and save pages and products in organized collections online.

But what’s the real story?

Carl Sabounjian (Founder) and Peter Lattouf (CoFounder) had a rough time in finding manufacturers for products in their niche and for a friend's restaurant. So instead of scouring through endless brochures and searches across larger search engines they had the idea to put it all under one dot com.

Based out of Dubai and the Middle East, they have a large task ahead of themselves, create a network of every business online across the Globe. We asked Carl how he manages to do that and got the following answer:

    "After 11 years as a foodservice equipment supplier in Vresso I needed a quicker and easier way to connect with the companies online. After our first year of learning how to build these connections online we found out that increasing our outreach we need to partner up with events and associations to help connect everyone. The internet is immense and while it's a better idea staying local before growing global, we've also learned that import/export traffic is growing between continents, and competition on any local level increased, pushing businesses to search outside its current market, and extending its reach to other countries and finding new markets. Applying this strategy for most SME businesses is much harder than it seems, especially with tighter marketing budgets. This is where we come in!"

If you're looking for any imaginable product, a supplier or factory go ahead and make a search on their platform or:

You can create a free user profile if you're looking to start a collection.

For businesses they include 3 pricing tiers with a one-time fee:

Free - List 3 product keywords, showcase 3 products on their discovery search, be found across all categories

Craftsman - List 5 product keywords, showcase 5 products on their discovery search, email support

Manufacturer - Unlimited product keywords, unlimited products on their discovery search, add your latest news

Twitter: @Scabrou


Contact: Peter Bou Lattouf -