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How the Right POS Can Help You Grow and Scale your Business

For a restaurant or bar business, first impressions really do count. Your POS (point-of-sale) isn’t just the face of your company, it’s the heart. Everything else depends on it. Thankfully, the perfect POS system doesn’t have to cost the world.

How to choose the best POS for your business

Every restaurant or bar owner has experienced the bad, as well as the good times - it’s a natural part of learning and growing. When choosing the best POS system, look for the areas where you know you could be more efficient: what tools would enable you to grow the business and run things with the least effort

What to look for when choosing a POS

Choosing the right POS is central to the success of your business. More than a lump of hardware, it can totally transform the way you operate and grow day-to-day. Whereas traditional systems can be expensive and hard to run, Square POS moulds right around your business, helping you manage it smoothly for a fraction of the cost.

1. Flexibility

Don’t get stuck with a traditional countertop setup if it’s not right for you. Your POS should be as mobile as the rest of your business. Total flexibility means freedom to take orders at the counter, at a customer’s table (inside and outside) and beyond the confines of the restaurant or bar itself.

With only 10% of people likely to pay with cash, you should also have the means to accept all major chip + PIN, contactless and mobile payments.

2. Ease of use

Your POS should make life easier for customers and employees alike. Whether it’s your morning coffee regular, or a member of staff handling demand on a busy Friday night, removing the barriers to payment is vital.

More than providing customers with a comforting sense of good service, it can also dictate whether you actually get paid. With 25% of diners admitting they’d consider dodging payment after waiting too long, the easier your POS makes the transaction, the better.

3.Multi-location management

When scaling your business across different locations, it’s essential to keep track of all your operations and data in one place. A point-of-sale with a dashboard that centralises your locations is incredibly powerful. The ability to adjust prices/items remotely and access real time reporting will provide contextual insights to grow your business from.

4.Employee management

To save time and energy whilst protecting your business, choose a POS that handles employee management for you. You should have the freedom to manage POS permissions and view your staff’s performance. And your staff should be able to easily clock in and out, as well as manage payments from their own device. Great staff need empowerment.


Whether you want to purchase an entirely new POS, or modify an existing one, there are some indisputable must-haves:

Kitchen integrations

If you’re using software to manage the way orders reach your kitchen, choose a POS that integrates with it seamlessly. Square works with Fresh KDS to improve ticket times and order consistency with an automated, paperless system. Any new technology or hardware you choose now should work seamlessly with the technology your business is already built on.

Advanced integrations

The same goes for more complex integrations. With Square’s open APIs, any third party system can be connected to automate the flow of transactional/sales data to your back end system. You can also pull data such as inventory into Square for automatic reconciliation.

Square creates tools that help sellers start, run and grow their businesses. We’re building easy tools to empower and enrich people. Tools that shorten the distance between having an idea and making a living from it—because we believe in fair and square. We enable businesses to accept card payments, whilst providing reporting and analytics, next-day settlement and chargeback protection. Our point-of-sale software and other business services help sellers manage inventory, locations and employees; access financing; engage customers; and grow sales.


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