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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Building and Expanding Your Services Through Contextual Mobile Engagement

Customer Engagement is a principal factor in retaining and building businesses, an important arsenal to have in this fast evolving digital world.

Engaging your clients meaningfully is a sure fire way to retain existing clients whilst expanding clientele base.

Evolution In The Service Industry

Home delivery and online or in-app reservations are reshaping the service industry, making it modern and innovative.You must adapt and put in place innovative strategies to offer your evolving customers a satisfying and engaging experience. It is no longer just good food or service, but the ability to attract customers, encouraging them to choose your business (be it a coffee shop, hotel, or restaurant) instead of millions of others offering the same or similar products or service that defines the industry. 

In the food or service sector there are many innovative yet useful ways our products can aid in the advancement of your communication and engagement strategies.Take for example this instance:- A new coffee shop or restaurant  just opened around the corner, the manager launched a loyalty app, offering a free drink when customers have eaten there more than 5 times. The shop is doing great during dinner time but at lunchtime between 12pm - 3pm it is slow, losing to competitors.

The Coffee shop manager decided to use NearIT to create geofences around the coffee shop and other affluent zones, like the nearby offices and launched a campaign targeting 18 to 40 year old workers and students, scheduling proximity notifications with a reduced price promotion from 12pm to 4pm. Attracting this particular demography to the coffee shop thereby creating a dynamic pricing strategy and increasing sales volume.

How Can You Keep Your Brand Top Of Mind?

Near’s highly skilled team of developers, engineers, and marketing professionals brings you  a disruptive game changer in contextual mobile engagement.This is in the form of two highly innovative technological products NearIT and StartIT.

At The Right Moment, In The Right Place

NearIT is a web based platform which gives businesses the ability to effectively engage contextually with profiled app users. NearIT adds the geographical dimension to your CRM data, further segmenting it, thus allowing you engage the right customers by channeling the right content at the right time and place. NearIT gives you the possibility to measure your results, creating a direct link to your users by collecting individualized feedback and empowering your marketing campaigns with valuable analytical data. These unique characteristics of the NearIt platform are coupled with easy usability allowing you create in few simple steps your innovative mobile engagement campaigns.

Thus giving businesses the benefit of attracting new clients, effectively retaining your current  customers, understanding their specific needs while monetizing your marketing efforts.

Define A Recipe

With  NearIT integrated into your app, you can independently create and execute effective communication and marketing strategies in three simple steps, WHO (the right user), WHAT (the right content),  and TRIGGER (the right context).

We Have You Covered With Our Plug And Play Mobile App

StartIT is a comprehensive mobile app already integrated with NearIT offering a plug and play solution for businesses yet to invest in a branded app. The StartIT kit was developed to offer a complete solution for businesses interested in the NearIT platform. Giving you the possibility of immediately engaging contextually with your app users..The app features are customizable there by making our app yours. A genuine game changer for the food and service industry distinguishing your brand from that of your competitors by ensuring your customers feel valued through the right kind of engagement which will result in a real boost in business.

Take advantage of the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices across all consumer segments by including these revolutionary products, NearIT and StartIT, to foster contextual communication and marketing campaigns between your business services and your consumers.

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