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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


The Launch of a Modern, Profitable Alternative to Single-use Bottled Water

Ideal for businesses within the HoReCa sector, newly launched Purezza provides a flexible solution that allows you to serve premium still and sparkling water on-site, using beautifully crafted reusable glass bottles.

Purezza is a new offering to the UK that can add a tremendous amount of value to the industry. The Purezza family is growing at a fast pace around the globe and is now served in over 4,000 venues across 13 countries throughout Europe, North America and Australia.

With the help of our customers, we’re changing the way the hospitality industry serves water for the better. Our simple and contemporary approach to bottling freshly filtered water on site provides a range of benefits to our customers such as:

Bottling your own profit - Put simply, Purezza is the ability to bottle your own profit. Purezza provide you with a flexible solution to supply your customers premium still and sparkling water, served using beautifully crafted reusable Purezza bottles.

Unlimited still and sparkling water - At Purezza, we pride ourselves in helping businesses to supply a premium water solution to their customers. Our Purezza systems connect to your own locally sourced water supply and use the latest in filtration and carbonation technology to guarantee beautifully balanced, high quality and great tasting water. 

Premium glassware - Purezza provide you with beautifully crafted, high-quality glass bottles, with resealable lids, providing a fresh drink every serve. All of our bottles are hand printed in the UK using a traditional glass screen printing process.

Eco-friendly solution - As well as being elegantly designed, our bottles are fully reusable and 100% dishwasher safe. Replacing your single use pre-packaged still and sparkling water with our reusable glass bottles is a great way to lower your impact on the environment.

A range of options to suit your needs - We provide a flexible solution tailored to your needs, with options to suit both back of house or front of house requirements. These come in a range of styles and sizes that can be tailored to suit low, moderate and high usage environments.

Saving storage space and time – Purezza can help you save valuable floor space or storage space within refrigerators. It also means there is no time wasted replenishing or reordering stock of single use pre-packaged still and sparkling water.

Ongoing support and maintenance - All of our Purezza systems are delivered, installed and maintained by our qualified service engineers. As part of your Purezza package you will receive regular maintenance visits and ongoing support, ensuring there will be no disruption to your service.

Promotional merchandise and product training -  The Purezza team will supply you with a range of promotional collateral and branded equipment to help raise awareness of the solution throughout your establishment. The Purezza team also provide product and sales training for your staff members.

A versatile addition to your drinks menu – Purezza can be used to replace sparkling or soda water within many cocktails and mocktails. It can also be used to create a range of refreshing drinks when added to traditional cordials or fruit infusions.


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