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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Why it’s important for modern restaurants to be active on SocialMedia

The Challenge:

The biggest challenge for independent restaurants today is keeping in touch with customers. Unlike shops, where they can easily take your email address for marketing purposes when you buy just a pair of socks, for restaurants it’s not so easy. In most cases, the customer pays for their meal, leaves and you’re left with no way of contacting them afterwards. Some restaurants give out loyalty cards offering ‘30% off on your next visit within ‘X’ number of days’ but this is all done in the hope of getting just one return customer and all too often, they simply lose the card.

The Objective:

What if you could get your existing customers advertising your business for you to all their friends and family? In order to attract new customers, a restaurant will often advertise offers - like a 2 for 1, or a discount offer. These are seen by passers by and existing customers, but it doesn’t go much further than that. As we all know the best form of marketing is word-of-mouth, and of course word-of-mouth is at its most effective when people tell everyone they know about your business.

How Can This Be Done?

It’s simple. Make your existing offers work for you by having your customers show all their friends and family on their social media pages. Were your customers satisfied with their meal? Great! Then why not have them recommend you for a small discount? Offering 2 for 1 on Thursdays? Get them to share your business in order to get the offer! Of course, it’s not very practical having your customers write reviews there and then, but what if there was a way where all this could happen with just a single tap?

The Solution:

Buuurp! provides a platform which makes all of these things possible and easy to manage. Recommendations and ‘offer’ sharing are easily done from your restaurant listing page with a single tap. The page then automatically updates to show when a customer has recommended your business or shared one of your offers, making it easy for your staff to recognise.


Your offer - originally designed to get one customer coming back - has now turned into an advert for your business which has been seen by hundreds of people. Your offers are no longer just seen by people walking past your A-board, but are now seen by all your customers’ friends and family. With Buuurp! there is no limit on the number of offers you wish to put up, so why not change your A-board to now read ‘See all our offers on Buuurp!’. For just £12.99 per month, you get unlimited recommendations and shares on as many offers as you want to put up, and with your business’ personalised #hashtag linked to all posts, you can easily track the success of your offers and see which ones work best for your business.