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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


The Illuminati has returned...

Newly launched app Illuminu is creating a new, not so secret, society of “enlightened ones” who now have real-time knowledge of deals and offers from local vendors!

Abacus AdTech presents; Illuminu, app and website, game-changing platforms for small and medium sized retailers allowing them to push out real-time offers to local consumers.

24,205 high street outlets closed in the first six months of 2018! This has been an on-going trend for the last few years and small business owners have been crying out for help, but to little avail. That is where Illuminu comes in, allowing any small to medium sized consumer-facing business to advertise its offers and deals in real-time. Taking only two minutes to post their offer & giving an immediate reach to local consumers within the vendor’s specified radius, it’s like having thousands of flyers being handed out within minutes throughout that area...but more environmentally friendly!

Illuminu gives vendors 30 days COMPLETELY FREE advertising of their product or service with no ties and only charges a maximum of 1 pence per unique view of the advert after this, dropping as low as half a pence per day for a 30 day advert, this gives the vendor total control over their reach and budget. “We felt it was important to show vendors exactly how the service can benefit them, without the worry of having to cancel a subscription or pre-authorised payment before the end of it. We also base our charges on how little we can do it for, as opposed to ‘How much can we charge?’ like many advertising platforms” says Mark Smith, CEO. Vendors are also assigned a dedicated Client Relationship Manager, who is based within their geographic area and is always on hand to help that business maximise its presence on Illuminu to reach new customers.

“Being the Founder, CEO and majority shareholder, I can ensure our focus is on customer service and the satisfaction of our consumer and vendor communities, not our profits” says Mark. “Our pricing and platform are continuously vetted by our vendor community to ensure we are the most competitive option in the current marketplace. Illuminu’s cost-to-conversion ratio cannot be matched by any competitor, we do this because we believe in supporting local communities and effective, targeted advertising”.

Illuminu is a proximity marketing app and web platform allowing businesses to customise and push out offers to local consumers in real-time, no authorisation delay.

Facebook: @IlluminuUK
Twitter: @illuminuapp
Instagram: Instagram: /illuminu

Company Details:
Abacus AdTech

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