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9 & 10 NOV 2021


Coffunity: How we can change the coffee industry as a community

Coffee is the joy and fuel of many people all over the world. It is perceived mainly as that drink that allows us to function, a key element in work and family meetings, and a kind of ritual that has become part of our daily lives. But, what most people don’t realize is that there is an entire industry behind it... a multi- billion-dollar industry, and a commodity that falls just second as most traded in the world after oil.

But with this big industry come big issues:

 • Poor trickle-down economics from consumer to farmer.

 • A widely uneducated market unaware of how they can impact other people and the environment.

 • Huge bias where looks and prices are more important than quality.

 • An entire industry and market that is disconnected and uncommunicated.

How can these issues be addresses and solved? With the largest coffee community in the world.

We seldom realize how many people are involved in the coffee industry, haw many factors like the world- wide economy, climate change and even commercial laws affect it, and how we all have the power to change it if we all came together and committed to change some things around.

How the largest coffee community can change the industry:

 • Awareness: When people become aware of how large and wonderful coffee is, it can become something bigger than a daily ritual or a fuel to our daily lives. It increases in value and meaning for others.

 • Education: If we helped each other learn more about the industry, we would encourage traceability, social responsibility, environmental responsibility, a better and a community that helps the industry grow better, not just bigger.

 • Connectivity: Coffee information is decentralized and hard to access. If we could collect information and allow people from all over the industry to share knowledge, experiences and information, we could create a community with a common passion that interacts in one place.

 • Economy: Coffee is a business. It is currently gapped and not so profitable for people especially in production and processing. Equal opportunities must be made for businesses to thrive, no matter what stage of the coffee chain they are in.

 • People: The world has become a place where people must share their passions more often, need to stay informed, and want to feel part of something big. They need awareness, education, connectivity, and to play a much larger role in the economy.

So, what are we doing about it?

Well... with a single app we want all coffee consumers to become more aware and united, for all baristas to have a place to share their knowledge and passion, for all roasters and retailers to have a chance to be seen, for all producers’ stories to be told, and therefore help everyone drink better coffee, together!

You can see Coffunity App’s specific features on or watch this short video.

Coffunity App is currently available in all mobile app stores and is completely free for anyone in the world to download. Join in!