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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


How To Minimise Your Energy Costs

Energy costs equate to a large proportion of a restaurant and takeaways cost hitting the bottom line significantly. Understanding and controlling these costs is key to ensuring that your business continues to be a success.

Delivered Energy Prices have risen by approximately 30% over the last 24 months and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. We currently have the highest winter prices since 2008 and this is forecast to continue to at least 2025.

It is therefore essential to understand how to control your business energy spend. Below are Outsourced Utilities top tips to ensure you minimise your energy costs in the current market.

Procurement – Ensuring you get the best renewal

• Ensure you know the type of contract you are.

• Capitalise on market movements to understand when is best to renew contracts.

• Check all suppliers when renewing your contract

• Understand your contract – are the charges fixed and what is the term?

• Choose a supplier who provides good customer service.

Bill / Contract Management – Ensuring you are billed correctly

• Ensure that each time you receive a bill it is checked for accuracy.

• Is there anything on the bill that is not accurate?

• Have you been taxed correctly?

• Is your business eligible for exemption schemes?

Consumption Management – Reducing your ongoing energy spend

• Do you know when and how you are using your energy?

• Put in place an energy management system to control this and drive down your costs.

• Be notified of anomalies in energy usage.

Outsourced Utilities are experts in energy procurement and management. We work with 1000’s of businesses throughout the country – many of these are in the restaurant and takeaway sector. We search the whole market for our clients, providing the best possible prices and supporting them throughout their contract. Please get in touch if you would like to know more / 01244 886 365