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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Boston Tea Party crowned Britain’s most ethical coffee shop

Boston Tea Party has been named Britain’s most ethical coffee chain, having been recognised for its honourable approach to ethics and the environment.

The finding has come to light as a result of research carried out by Ethical Consumer, the organisation which researches and rates over 40,000 brands and products to help consumers make informed ethical choices.

Boston Tea Party achieved the highest score in the guide due to its responsible sourcing, customer choice and approach to completely removing all single-use cups. This is evident in its daily operations which sees them use a direct trade model, source their tea directly, and ensure their produce is fairtrade and organic.

Anita Atkins, Brand Director at BTP said: “It’s encouraging that over a quarter of customers are choosing to buy their coffee from independent businesses like BTP.

“Our own customers tell us they are motivated to choose us because we put a lot of thought and care into our sourcing, and we genuinely strive to make things better.

“We are incredibly proud to be leading the way when it comes to ethics and sustainability and would love to see all the big coffee chains which were included in this report adopt business models based on these principles.

“Now we need customers to vote with their feet by visiting cafes that are committed to ethical trading.  If enough customers start choosing cafés based on ethical trading standards, the big chains which currently perform poorly in this area will be left with no choice but to change.”