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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Top coffee trends for 2019

For many of us coffee is life! It pushes us to get out of bed in the morning, gets us through that afternoon lull at work, it’s there in all its various varieties when we need a little ‘pick me up’ and it’s something that can be relied on during the darkest dullest days to help us power through. So, as a vital part of living and an industry worth $100 billion we give you the top coffee trends for this year.

Coffee machines on the go

Forget the plug socket, coffee machines are now going portable. Travelling just got a whole lot more coffee friendly. Lovers of a morning caffeine fix will no longer have to hunt down the nearest shop for some morning perk power. Whether staying at a remote B&B or glamping it up for the weekend, they can wake up knowing that with one press of the button, their portable machine will provide a quality morning cup of liquid gold.

Caffeine intake calculation

Using an online tool, consumers will be able to view a timeline of how much caffeine they should be having. The result will be given based on their wake-up time, how much sleep they’ve had and the time they would normally have a cup of coffee.

Cold brews

Different from an iced coffee, cold brew coffee reduces the bitterness and acidity. It is infused with cold water for a long period, creating a smoother flavour due to more oxidation. During this time the caffeine, sugar and oil is extracted from the coffee, providing a natural sweetness and distinctive flavour.

Instant blends

With instant coffee increasing in quality and an expansive variety of choice now available, the demand for it has substantially gone up. If you can enjoy a coffee with minimal effort, then why not take the easier and quicker option.