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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Costa Coffee takes the crown for most ethical coffee shop

Costa Coffee has been voted the most ethical coffee chain by an independent panel of 3,121 coffee lovers.

With 2, 121 outlets in the UK alone, it's no mean feat that Costa managed to scoop the win. This result is a real testament to their commitment to cultivating a more sustainable future, and it’s great to see such a renowned brand step up and make a difference. Here are just some of the ways in which they have...

Firstly, they’re not just making changes to the environment, they’re also changing lives. The Costa Foundation, which focuses on ‘improving the lives of boys and girls through the opportunity of quality education’ has transformed the lives of 75,000 children! This has been achieved through the foundation funding 80 school projects and allowing their teams to support and get involved with volunteer opportunities. 

If that’s not enough to warrant the win, they also have a roastery that functions off 100% renewable energy, they’ve got rid of 45 million plastic straws from various stores, and they’ve also taken away 7,000 tons of trash from landfill. 

Finally, not to be missed and credited for is the fantastic initiative of paying waste management companies to recycle over 65 million cups. Not only did this scheme see costa make such a remarkable difference but also other leading brands jumping on board to do the same.

We definitely think they’re worthy winners of the ‘most ethical’ coffee and look forward to seeing them continue with these great changes, as well as seeing others follow in their footsteps if they haven’t already!