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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Drones are Delivering Coffee, Chocolate Bars and Medicines!

Approving the first commercial drone delivery service of the world, Australia has just opened a new path to the future! Initially they’re authorized to deliver coffee, chocolate and over the counter medicines but there’s no doubt this will be the future of close-range deliveries! 

So keep you're eyes peeled - drone delivery is sure to be one of the hottest coffee trends by 2020.


The world of coffee is increasingly looking to technology to creat more exciting experiences for their customers! The coffee delivery drone project is being developed by the Alphabet, Google’s parent company. They were competing against Amazon to win over the Australian regulators. Alphabet got the best results and won the right to be the first company in the world to deliver by drone.  

Drone delivery has been a subject of intense research by Alphabet since 2013. The project was born in Alphabet’s secret lab X. Being baptized as Wing, the project developed 9 different drone types until reaching the final and most efficient form which you can see on the photo above reaching up to 120km p/h (75 Miles p/h), carry up to 5Kg and deliver ‘’to a location the size of a doorstep’’, according to Wing.


Wing follows a growing trend of sustainability on the delivery market. Started by companies such as Deliveroo and UberEats delivering food by bicycle, now Wing, driven entirely by an all-electric power system, claims it will have zero carbon emission.

The tests will start in Canberra with a limited number of 100 houses at Palmerston, Crace and Frankling suburbs. Even though Wing was projected to be autonomous, the Australian authorities required the drones to be piloted remotely from the ground and they will only be allowed to operate for a maximum of 12 hours a day.

The Wing project is planning to be expanded to Finland this year which will mark their first move into the European market. 

So… are you ready to start sending coffees out by drone? It’s only a matter of time until coffee by drone really starts to... take off! ✈ ☕

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