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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


New Coffee Trends for Summer 2019

Summer is fast approaching and coffee shops are not just filling up for the morning rush of business people. Over the hot days, they act as a meeting place for old friends, new friends, families and colleagues, to quench their thirst and leisurely converse about the important things in life. With the Coffee industry becoming evermore vast it is increasingly difficult to know what bean, mocha, latte or caribou coffee to choose. To help you decide the right blend to tickle your taste buds we have put together the top coffee trends for this Summer... you can thank us later. 

1. Cold brew coffee

You’re as cold as ice! Millennials and Generation Z are taking over the market and boosting the trend for iced coffee and cold brew. In a study conducted by the Beverage Trend Reports it was concluded that a massive 37% of these generations are more likely to purchase a cold brew than the ‘oldies’.

But what actually is a cold-brew? Pretty simple, it's just a coffee which is brewed cold! So forget the boiling hot water and coffee in minutes - brewing coffee cold takes a LOT longer - but it's rumoured to give a smoother and slightly sweeter taste. You’ll have to try it and see for yourself if it lives up to the hype! 

Want to know more about the biggest brands in cold brew? Check out our list of exhibitors

2. Espresso Coffee

Express with Espresso! This intensified version of coffee may not be for the faint-hearted, however, it does provide the core foundation of most regular coffees. Served simply as a shot or with foam or crema resting on the surface, it delivers full flavour with a big hit of energy. 

But the simplicity of espresso hides the complex methods and techniques which go into making it just right. This year at the Coffee Shop Innovation Expo you can speak to the experts in our barista zone to discuss (and debate!) what it takes to get that shot of coffee just right!

But it doesn't stop at your traditional espresso! In Greece, they have introduced the infamous ‘Freddo espresso’. This refreshing cold drink is a double espresso shot, shaken up with some ice, and poured into a full glass of ice cubes to refresh and revive your palate. If we were to choose a drink for the summer to keep us going, this would be it! 

3. What is an Affogato?

What’s better than just coffee? Dessert coffee! Affogato is traditionally an Italian based dessert and consists of a scoop of cold vanilla ice cream drowned with a shot of espresso to be served as a refreshing summers drink. It can be finished off with your topping of choice, the most popular addition to this summer treat is peanut flakes or a nutty alternative. The results? A delightful minute of hot and cold paired with sweet ice cream and bitter coffee. What’s not to love?! 

4. International Coffee trends

From China to London, exploring the flavours from around the world! In recent years coffee has seen an increase in new and exciting flavours from around the world. German chocolate, Canadian Maple, and Indian coconut have been seen popping up on menus all over the country. Everyone wants to try the newest blends and flavours. 

Chinese coffee blends are proving to be more popular than ever delivering bold, fruit-forward flavours you might want from a natural coffee. They consist of Filtered Strawberry, Elderberry, Rose, Herbal essences and their Espressos have flavours of Cocoa nibs, bramble fruit, rum, tart (credit to Tom Wilkinson, the coffee guru). So, how adventurous are you feeling today?!

5. Flavoured Coffee

Stick to what you know. Whilst it’s great that exotic flavours are beginning to take the limelight, Our classic favourites are still firmly grounded within the coffee world. To take your coffee experience to the next level you could try; a voluptuous vanilla syrup shot (also the most popular preference for consumers), a classic caramel shot for that extra sweetness, or even a nutty hazelnut shot for that flavoured edge. 

If you’re a health enthusiast, do not fret! Syrups have little calories in them and there is a range of sugar-free syrups available! So if you don’t feel like trying something new and exotic, you can simply add a touch of flavour to your everyday. 

Coffee can be personalised and adapted to your specific taste - whether that be sweet, bitter or completely new flavouring. Let us know your favourite flavours on our social media!

Updated 14/05/19

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