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Proximity Marketing’s Quick Tips

Proximity Marketing isn’t just for big companies with big budgets. Now Proximity Marketing is affordable for any size business.

Have you ever thought of having an app to let your nearby customers know what’s new in your place as they walk by? It’s not just for the big companies anymore. Here are three ways you can use proximity marketing to increase traffic.

1: Use proximity marketing to put your message right in potential customers hands.

We all see people walking by every day, the traditional way to attract them is signage. Signage does work if a) people notice it, and b) the message is enticing enough to bring them in. The limitations of a sign are line of sight and the ability to include enough readable detail. Proximity marketing allows you to put any size message right on people’s phones – right in their hands. By using proximity rather than other traditional marketing methods, you send your message to people who are close by. It gives people timely location-based advertising that targets them when they are close by and able to come in right away.  

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2: Reward your customers for dropping by.

Through the use of Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, you are able to set the distance of your advertisement and make offers that range from a few feet to those already in store or to 100 yards away for those who might want to pop by. This builds customer loyalty and encourages customers to come back to see your offers. Additionally, you can offer rewards for those in store to be used on their next visit. You can also offer information on products, locations, or any special little facts your customers may find interesting to engage them and build relationships.

3: Partnerships with other local businesses. 

If there is another business close by you have the ability to offer discounts or encourage discounts between businesses. For example, if there is a theatre up the street, they can offer discounted tickets with a receipt from your business and you can place an ad on their system to encourage their customers to come in for a themed treat at your shop. By making these offers app exclusive you are able to work with your neighbours and build lasting relationships. And your shared customers get in the habit of going to your shop before or after every play.

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There are limitless ways to attract and retain customers with proximity marketing and we look forward to exploring them with you. Come visit us at Stand G232 at the Restaurant and Takeaway Expo Nov. 19 & 20, 2019.

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