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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


8 Eco-Friendly Coffee Shop Tips To Save The Planet & Increase Customers

Coffee shops: the perfect pit-stop for an AM wake-me-up, mid-morning pick-me-up or afternoon energy boost, but is yours helping or hindering the environment? 

You might not think it, but the coffee industry is a pretty big contributor to harmful emissions and non-biodegradable waste, not to mention deforestation - how else do you think all those coffee beans are grown?! So, with the current demand for sustainability, we’ve devised a list of 8 super easy tips to help coffee sellers not only do their bit for the environment, but increase their customers too - now that’s what you call a win win!

Where have your beans, been? 

Did you know that (besides tobacco) coffee is sprayed with more chemicals than any other product consumed by humans? Crazy right! Selecting your beans from an eco-friendly source is the first step to helping the environment, and there are lots of options to choose from:

Organic - these beans have been grown without those nasty pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers which are harmful to the environment.

Shade Grown - these beans are grown under canopy trees, using the principles of natural ecology which promotes natural ecological relationships where the forest is preserved.

Fair Trade - this trademark ensures that your coffee beans are grown in a way that’s socially and environmentally fair. 

Better yet, switch to Triple Certified Coffee - a combination of all 3!

Switch To Recyclable Coffee Cups

500 disposable Styrofoam cups are consumed annually, most of which will still be in our landfills 500 years from now - so make the switch! Even QSR giants have united to combat takeaway cup waste, and biodegradable or fully recyclable takeaway cups are a must for any coffee seller looking to go eco-friendly - plus your customers will appreciate it too! Did you know that 71% of consumers will help to promote a product or service with a good cause behind it? That will work wonders for your brand’s image!

Be Vocal About Going Local 

Don’t just source ingredients from local suppliers - shout about it! There’s nothing consumers love more than supporting their local community, even if it is a little pricier! In fact, stats show that 50% of consumers will pay more for green goods and services, making it both eco-friendly and beneficial for revenue! By acquiring your products from local farmers or suppliers, you’re not just helping your local economy, you’re reducing your carbon footprint too. Think organic, think sustainable, think local. 

Reduce Waste

Reduce your waste, reduce your impact on the environment. Simple. It’s important to show that you’re get involved, and the best part is that there are so many easy ways to do it:

-Replace disposable stirring rods with spoons

-Compost leftover food

-Use real towels instead of paper towels

-Ensure takeaway containers are recyclable

Or why not introduce compostable cutlery like Pret A Manger? 

Donate Your Grounds

Not many people know this, but used coffee grounds release methane when they’re disposed of in landfill sites, which is even more harmful than CO2! Instead of throwing out your used coffee beans, donate them to a local gardening centre to use as a natural plant fertiliser. It’s a step in the eco-friendly direction and a way to impress consumers - 73% of which have said they would switch brands if there was something similar on the market that supports a good cause. Need we say more? 

Save Energy

Did you know that energy saving Espresso machines were a thing? Yep, these wonderful pieces of technology have energy-saving modes and multi-boiler systems that optimise energy use. But reducing the energy your coffee shop uses doesn’t stop there - why not switch to energy efficient lighting or install a high-efficiency water heater? Both great steps to minimise energy costs and usage.

Offer Incentives

Environmentally and consumer friendly - why not offer an incentive to customers who help toward your coffee shop’s sustainability? For example, giving a discount to those who bring in their own reusable mugs promotes your contribution to environmental conservation and gives customers another reason to return.

Give Vegan Alternatives

Did you know that vegan alternatives to milk, such as almond, soy and coconut milk, have a much lower carbon footprint than dairy milk? Offering your customers these choices not only widens your consumer market to the vegan community, but contributes toward your target of an eco-friendly coffee shop.

To find out more about sustainable coffee shop practices and the latest trends in the industry, book your free tickets to the Coffee Shop Innovation today!

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