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How much do you know about your customers?

Why have a loyalty program?

In times gone by, we all used to know our customers individually and tailored our business to each client very easily. We all want our clients to be loyal to us, so shouldn’t things work both ways with businesses also being loyal to their clients?

With growth comes constant change regarding our products and staff, so it can be challenging for a business to be able to reward and keep track of its clients changing spending habits. At times we all want to find our most loyal clients and be able to reward them or distinguish them from our usual clients and a beautifully produced card can answer that problem. 

How much would you pay to have someone advertising your business to their friends and to remember you? 

With this in mind, your card needs to stand out from the rest. 

How can this be done?

Loyalty programs with different types of cards have been a cornerstone for most businesses providing the levels of client services that can be tailored to each group of clients or even individual people. 

Loyalty cards provide a growing business a way of rewarding and also tracking each of their clients and with a beautiful card in their possession you are also advertising your own brand that they will have with them all the time.

Cards can either be numbered, barcoded or have magnetic strips. We have also produced cards that have a percentage amount discounted off, which depending on the business, can also work well. It all depends on how your POS systems work and what you are needing to do with the information. If you contact us we can talk you through your needs for the data and offer our expert advise on what type of card would best suit your objectives.

Once you put the card through your POS system, it will track the habits of that card and then its up to you what you do with that information, maybe give them something free after a certain amount of purchases?

Client Case Study De Vere/Burr&Co

We have over 10 years experience in providing solutions for the loyalty/business card sector, so when De Vere approached us wanting something very special for extra special clients we jumped at the chance to produce an exciting and very high end card.

When plastic is not enough........

Murray gave us a call from De Vere in Central London needing something special for De Vere Connaught Rooms and Burr & Co.

He needed a way to distinguish certain clients and also something that would look good in their wallets/purse with some form of numbering so that he would know how many had been given out. These were only to be given to certain clients, enabling the staff to know that if they had the specific card they would be entitled to certain things for free.

They had 2 sites which both required use of the cards. Murray also wanted to use a design from a wallpaper designed by William Morris ( taken from a photo of the walls in their coffee shop).

After some consideration, we thought a steel card in a black matt finish with laser etching, complete with a spot UV, would strike the right balance with their image and clientele and we could do one side for Burr & Co and the other side for De Vere.

Our designers came up with a design and had used the William Morris wallpaper to include a spot UV finish on one of the sides which looked amazing. A few weeks later, we delivered and I managed to snap a couple of pictures before they left. 

To the right you can see the results for yourself.

Our client was very pleased:

Comment from Murray Wilson, General Manager

De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, WC2B 5DA

"the order absolutely lived up to expectations. The card is everything I imagined it would be and I am pleased to have found the team at PCD Plastic Cards Ltd who supported me throughout the entire process. Great company and great job."

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