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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


How over-engineering saves the environment

Lack of time vs. enjoyment

Over the past years coffee shops have been popping up everywhere and people with a cup in their hand on the way to work are a common phenomenon. Life has gotten faster, people have less time, are changing locations permanently, have more to do and therefore less time for full enjoyment. But they have not given up on it fully. Therefore the guilty pleasure of getting your enjoyment, your little breeze of pleasure, your few-minutes-getaway is on the rise – your favorite drink to go. May it be hot or cold, a hot chocolate, a black coffee, an iced latte or a tea; you will usually get it in a disposable cup at your favorite spot.

The downside of pleasure

While it is fully understandable that everybody needs to escape every now and then, you have probably noticed the sheer amounts of waste this has created. Every day millions of cups are being used and thrown away afterwards. The way they are made it is not possible to recycle them, creating a pile of billions of cups per year. Unfortunately reusable cups are not very practical and have not been able to contain the issue.

The tide is changing

Finally the authorities have noticed that these amounts of waste cannot be tolerated any longer. People are getting more and more aware of the issue and plenty of ideas are on the rise. One of them is the introduction of reusable cup systems, where you will receive your drink in a reusable cup in exchange for a deposit. Once you have finished you will be able to return the cup to at any location that takes part in this system.

Unfortunately these reusable cups have a very simple structure in order to be easily cleaned and remade. This does not allow for sufficient insulation leaving the holder with hot fingers. This in return counters the acceptance of these systems.

It started as a gift

During a long-term project in Sweden Marco (CEO of sleevematix) saw his manager with a coffee-to-go on a daily basis. The year advanced and as Christmas approached a present had to be found for her. In his usual manner he wanted to create something handmade. The idea of making a reusable sleeve was born. An item which his manager used on a daily basis and which she could always bring along with her. After a few tries a presentable sleeve had been created. Marco liked the idea so much that he wanted to pursue it further. When he handed the present over to his manager he, with a heavy heart, asked her to not use it, so he could evolve this idea. Three years and a pending patent later she was finally able to use it for the first time in November 2015.

Become part of the movement

The reusable cup sleeve Korona®1 is the perfect gadget to solve this issue. Made up of multiple layers of material such as cork and recycled leather it is a perfect insulator. The hinges allow you to fold it flat and store it away everywhere easily. So when you receive your drink, just get it out, slide it over and enjoy your drink. When you are done, take it off, fold it flat and put it away. Should it get dirty, just wipe it clean as the surface is protected.

In addition you can customize multiple parts in colour and even put your own engraving on it. This will allow you to make your experience unique and also clearly marks your drink so it will not get mixed up with others. It can be as individual as you are.

This sleeve will not only prevent using disposable cup sleeves, it will also allow establishing reusable cup systems. It may even lead to reducing the thickness of disposable cups, as their insulation function is not going to be needed anymore.

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