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15 & 16 JUNE 2021


Costa Coffee Promises To Ban Plastic Straws

Costa Coffee has announced that it will remove all plastic drinking straws from its stores this year, replacing them with a more eco-friendly alternative, in a bid to lessen their environmental impact. 

The announcement follows the likes of Wagamama and Pret A Manger who have also recently vowed to cut down on plastic straws. Going one step further, Iceland have pledged to remove all plastic from its own-brand products within five years. 

Costa’s UK Managing Director, Jason Cotta, said of the move: ''We will launch a non-plastic alternative straw this year as part of an on-going review into all our packaging and takeaway cups”. 

The cut down comes as the industry has come under increasing pressure to tackle the issue of plastic waste. 

“For decades plastic straws have been handed out like there’s no tomorrow – sadly for some marine creatures a straw in the gullet means there has been no tomorrow.

Our message is if you’re a business, stop handing them out, unless it’s absolutely necessary; and if you’re a consumer, just say no,” said Laura Parry of the Marine Conservation Society.

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