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19 & 20 OCT 2022


Soil Association

Soil Association has created the Green Kitchen Standard, which recognises caterers that are making positive steps to sustainably manage their energy, water and waste.
For customers this means eating somewhere that you know are going further to ensure they minimise their environmental impact. Caterers prove their environmental credentials and provide a clear point of difference to set their service apart from the rest, which can mean cost savings as well as aligning with energy, water and waste requirements of the Defra Plan for Public Procurement.
Achieving the Green Kitchen Standard;
Enhances reputation; demonstrating a commitment to sustainable catering across a wide set of criteria
Delivers efficiencies; provides critical input to evaluating current practices and helps identify opportunities for efficiencies and cost reduction
Facilitating compliance; supports compliance with procurement requirements and helps in tendering for new and existing contracts.
Soil Association will be delighted to share more details of the Green Kitchen Standard at the Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo.

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